“A wide swath of past and ongoing scandals, corruption, crime, treason and bioterrorism”


That’s what consulting firm Edify claims to have uncovered in a recent report.  (A tip o’ the hat to the anonymous contributor who brought it to my attention.). I have no way to verify all of the claims made in that report, and the conclusions derived from them, but much of it is in agreement with other public information sources.  There’s enough circumstantial evidence to indicate that there may be fire behind the smoke.  I leave that up to my readers to decide.

In conjunction with a client who remains confidential, EDIFY developed the nexus schematics featured in this brief that are well-evidenced and identify and connect a slate of important individuals, entities and nations respective to a wide swath of past and ongoing scandals, corruption, crime, treason and bioterrorism.

This brief serves to expand and back-fill the details of the featured graphics while providing meaning with some granularity. At the same time, it informs important ongoing matters and litigation.

The findings develop along six vectors to demonstrate how the entanglements, relationships and overlaps translate to an effective network. The network is positioned to impact important matters like COVID-19 and the Hunter Biden laptop story as just two examples and whereby Twitter’s censorship of both makes Twitter the central node. 

The six vectors are:

  1. Twitter, its censorship policies and the application and enforcement thereof,
  2. Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati [WSGR] an international law firm with over 1,000 attorneys representing many of the world’s largest corporations, as a hub with spokes running to critically-positioned individuals that is suggestive of WSGR as an interface for political control and influence across a wide array of Big Tech and geopolitical domains,
  3. Alexander Macgillivray as a WSGR product who serves in the critical position of Principal Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer for the Biden Administration and who served the Obama White House similarly,
  4. Vijaya Gadde as a WSGR product who was installed by Macgillivray at Twitter when Macgillivray served as Twitter’s General Counsel and where Gadde went on to suspend President Donald Trump,
  5. Former FBI General Counsel James Baker as a common thread through Twitter to President Trump and the FBI/DOJ FISA abuse against Trump and
  6. Alison Fauci, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s daughter, as a Twitter engineer and Twitter’s overlap to and potential communication and intelligence conduit for the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct via Anthony Fauci and his NIH interface.

There’s more at the link.

I repeat:  I have no way to verify the bulk of this report, but what I have been able to verify on a cursory pass through public sources of information confirms at least some of its details.  I’m posting the link to it, and the brief excerpt above, as potentially useful material for those interested in the subject.  It’s up to readers to make up their own minds.

If the report is correct, one wonders what effect Elon Musk’s proposed buyout of Twitter might have.  Will it be allowed to go through?  Or will the “political class” short-circuit it, due to Twitter’s usefulness to them?  One wonders . . .



  1. There is no fix for this interlaced protection of status and power unless we Drain The Swamp dry.
    By whatever means

  2. Low IQ MAGA Hat Bait to distract and divert folks away from more profitable lines of enquiry.

    Look! Ponies!

    How about a post on Kanye West naming the Kindly Ones and immediately getting his Twitter account banned and his corporate bank account shut down — thereby proving conclusively that They don't rule over us.

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