AAAAAHHH! My eyes! My eyes!


I hesitate to put this image on my blog.  If you like shotguns, you might want to cover your eyes and skip to the text below the image.  Ready?

If you’re so inclined, click the image for a larger view.

That’s the “Impala Plus GP28A00CU Plus Urban 12GA. 3″ 28″ CT-5 Color Synthetic Shotgun“.  I can only presume that Picasso dumped his palette of paints out of an upper window, and they fell on a passing hunter carrying his shotgun at the wrong place and time.  Ye gods and little fishes!  Would any self-respecting duck or grouse dare to fly – let alone try to land – within a good country mile of that neon-glowing thing?



  1. I’m guessing we’re on the same email lists as I saw this and had similar thoughts.

    On further reflection, I wonder if we’re not victims of social engineering. You see this ungodly monstrosity and click the link for a better look then make a post linking to it. The site gets more traffic and the manufacturer gets eyes on. Likely the sales of this particular option round to zero but people notice the less hideous versions and they get a sales bump.

  2. I like it and I know my grown kids would, too. It would blend perfectly into the pile of fast-food wrappers, soda cans, and misc crap in their cars that they never seem to be able to put in a trash can. Too bad it's so expensive. I would need 4.

  3. I'm thinking you could do it much cheaper by giving a child a pack of colored markers, pointing at your shotgun and telling them to have fun!

  4. It's a gamer gun, note the raised cheek piece on the stock.
    Sporting clays shooters have some wild paint jobs on their firearms if they are so inclined. I have seen lavender, red, purple and US flag wraps on shotguns at shoots.

    Look at what colors and patterns are available on AR rifles these days.

    Not my style but that's OK.

  5. "Malibu subdued"

    I've a photograph of me using a similar decorated "assault water gun" for "fire suppression" at my brother's 40th BD BBQ.

    Don't knock the color scheme – it will cause people to look elsewhere out of optic pain. And "looking elsewhere" is the essence of proper camouflage. Bwahahahahaha!

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