About that bathroom transgender incident . . .

A couple of days ago I posted (very angrily) about a father who confronted a person dressed as a woman, but who was very visibly male, in a supermarket when the individual tried to use the ladies’ restroom while his daughter was inside.

It seems my uncompromising attitude has upset some people.  I’ve received a few accusations that I’m ‘bigoted’ and/or ‘closed-minded’ and/or sundry (often less polite) things.  To those who feel this way, I can only say:  Bite me.  I don’t care.

Common sense is sorely lacking in this entire situation.  For 99%+ of the human population, the chromosomes have it.  They, and they alone, determine an individual’s gender.  For the less than 1% who suffer from sex chromosome abnormality, one can only have the deepest sympathy.  It must be a truly ghastly condition with which to have to live.  However, in the current high-pressure situation chromosomal issues are seldom, if ever, mentioned.  Instead, there are those who argue that one’s mental or psychological or (God help us – and I mean that!) spiritual gender identification should be the only criteria in deciding which restroom to use, ignore the fact that there are medical names and diagnostic codes for that.

That’s not normal – it’s abnormal.  That’s not healthy – it’s unhealthy.

I have real sympathy (and I really mean that) for those who suffer from gender dysphoria.  They are, indeed, in need of help – but that help should not be to enable, encourage, legitimize and reinforce their dysfunction.  It should rather be to treat it, cure it if possible, and – since a cure is seldom medically possible – provide them with coping mechanisms to help them live a more normal life.  Furthermore, such approaches should not involve forcing the rest of us to pander to their dysfunction, particularly not when it puts our children at risk.  Pandering to mental dysfunction is itself an aberration, IMHO!

Unfortunately, those who jump to the defense of anyone and everyone they consider (laudably) ‘different’ don’t see it that way.  I think Blue summed up their attitudes very nicely in this infographic.  Go take a look.  It’s very apt.  (Recce Room has a somewhat less politically correct approach to the problem, not dissimilar to mine.  You’ll find his here.  If I were in his shoes, I daresay I’d feel exactly the same way.)

Furthermore, the involvement of pedophiles and sex offenders in the movement to ‘open’ restrooms to those not necessarily of the ‘correct’ physical gender has been demonstrated on more than one occasion.  The most recent of which I’m aware was in North Carolina last month.  When unmasked, the person concerned stepped down from his pressure group leadership, but was unrepentant.

Before he stepped down as chamber president, Sevearance-Turner said the N.C. Values Coalition’s criticism “did not surprise him.”

He said his conviction had not stopped him from achieving success, such as being chamber president.

There’s more at the link.

(Note that his presidency was of an LGBT pressure group.  I suppose that, to some, this would qualify as a ‘success’.  Now, if he’d become president of a mainstream Chamber of Commerce instead of a pressure group version thereof, the rest of us might find that more convincing.)

I believe I’m part of the vast majority of people when I say that I’m simply not prepared, under any circumstances, to accept the very real risks of allowing those with gender dysphoria (real or imagined) to use bathrooms intended for (and therefore restricted to) the use of members of one physical gender.  It’s too easy for those with criminal intent to take advantage of such leniency.  It puts the most vulnerable members of our society – our children – at risk, and that’s completely unacceptable.  I don’t care whether or not laws are passed to permit it.  I will not obey such laws, and if anyone tries to use them in my presence as a legal ‘fig leaf’ to justify and/or get away with such conduct, they will regret it.  End of story.

On the other hand, if all bathrooms are made ‘unisex’, with partitions and doors that fully enclose every toilet cubicle without gaps, and basins and other shared facilities are laid out in such a way that close proximity to another person is never forced upon their users, and such areas provide adequate separation to prevent accidental (or not-so-accidental) touching, intrusion, etc. – I’d have no problem with that.  A father could then stand outside the stall in use by his daughter and ensure that she wasn’t bothered, and no-one would question his behavior.  (Of course, Mother Nature provides just such a solution . . . )

One wonders why the pressure groups haven’t bothered to press for this alternative.  I can only presume it’s because some of them, and some individuals associated with them (see, for example, the incident mentioned above), have ulterior motives.  I do know exactly what to do about that.  So, I suspect, do most of my readers.  Do I hear an “Amen!” ?



  1. I think one ulterior motive is to rub our faces in it – to enforce a "celebration" of their behavior rather than mere tolerance.

  2. You get no arguments from me.

    My 20-something, Psychology-major daughter and I discussed this very topic last night. As touchy-feely as her major is, she does not want to share a bathroom as they are currently arranged with a male. Because you do not know what his ulterior motives are.

  3. My objection is not the Caitlyn Jenners of the world, but the predators who see a door opening that was previously closed to them. Before, in Common Sense Land, if you saw a "woman" who was very obviously a man enter a ladies' room, the occupants would protest or at least be wary and leave if they couldn't get the man to leave. It was not only acceptable, it was common self-preservation. Now, with the Left pushing hard for total acceptance and tolerance, where questioning a man's presence in the women's room is unacceptable and could become grounds for discrimination, women won't have the right to question no matter how many danger vibes they're getting. You think predators won't take advantage of this opportunity? Put on lipstick, a wig, and a dress and follow young girls into the women's room. No one will say a thing. Sorry, but my safety and my daughters' safety trumps some gender confused person's right to pee sitting down.

  4. I vigorously object to defining abnormal behavior as normal. How do we know it's abnormal – gee maybe the 0.3% participation (and that's probalby over reported)

    I have no issue with bathrooms that are Rooms for Individual Occupancy going with out signs or having mixed signs – we have a few right where I live (not even close to a city). Becuase why would you care – other than different types of messes that get left behind. Which interestingly is much of a problem around here – although I suspect that's an age/affluence thing being mostly over 60 and very.

    However – most public restrooms – and virtally all locker rooms are NOT set up that way. So, what I predict will happen is that they will become places populated with sexual preditors and drug addicts as the rest of polite society opts out – and the first to opt out will be the Progressive Left politicians.

  5. Progressives and their allies support, nay — encourage, the sexual predation of women and children in public facilities.

  6. The bathrooms you describe are the norm in Japan, where everyone uses all the bathrooms freely, because the stalls are, as you describe, enclosed from top to bottom and no one can see in. I have long thought that this is the right way for us to go, and I am betting that we will see more of a push for this alternative as this fight heats up.


  7. Thank you, Peter. I agree with you 100%. I really feel for those who either have the chromosomal abnormality or gender dysphoria. In this, they are being hurt twice–once for the pain of having to deal with this condition, and twice for being used by others to further their own agendas.

    As for the why, there is a very real war being waged, and darkness never could abide light, truth, or beauty.

  8. personally, I would have perforated the pervert before he/she/it would have gotten in the rest room my daughter was in.

  9. God determines a person's gender, not doctors. A mangled man is still a man, even if he's a "Frankenwoman."

  10. Amen. Anyone with a Y chromosome that tries to follow my wife or daughter into a restroom will have to deal with me.

  11. Amen, brother. I have six granddaughters and if I'm with them I challenge any "male" to enter the restroom while they are in there.

  12. I think your second poster nailed it with his comment
    I think one ulterior motive is to rub our faces in it – to enforce a "celebration" of their behavior rather than mere tolerance.

  13. The libertarian in me says if adults capable of making decisions of their own free will choose to share facilities with other adults not necessarily of their biological gender, that's pretty much their business and I'd prefer to simply be left out of it.

    As for non-adults, and those incapable of cogent decisions, one of a well functioning society's jobs is to provide a reasonable degree of protection against harm to those who, for whatever reason – age, mental infirmity, too immature to resist peer pressure, etc. – may be subject to a degree of harm from others.

    We accomplish this protection through various means: the most harmful, we lock up in prisons; the mentally afflicted harmful, we consign to institutions in the worst case, or to therapy and medications in the better and best cases (and, yes, I do recognize that psychotherapy is a close cousin of witchcraft, but many of its associated medications actually do work, for various values of "work"), and for the rest we establish norms of societal behavior, enforced by a number of means, from shaming to application of force.

    All that said, I am at a complete loss to understand why what is supposed to be a well-functioning and rational society has not loudly and persistently called Bullshit on this "transgender" crap. We're periously close to the tipping point that moves us from polite questioning and shaming to quite forcefully re-establishing norms. Perhaps that, as "societal martyrdom," is what some of the perpetrators intend; if so, I'd suggest re-evaluation of their priorities before said martyrdom escalates to the physical because at that point there will be a great many necessary corrective actions implemented well beyond the choice of bathroom and I doubt anyone will enjoy it very much.

  14. Inconsiderate Bastard pens:

    "All that said, I am at a complete loss to understand why what is supposed to be a well-functioning and rational society has not loudly and persistently called Bullshit on this "transgender" crap"


    We are not a well-functioning and rational society, far from it;

    We now have a pervert in the White House, a pot-smoking homosexual who hates America, particularly White America, a sick and pitiful soul who spends his waking hours finding new ways to destroy us and our nation. A bit before him we had a president getting blow jobs from a tramp in the Oval Office.

    We had had for some time now college professors whose main function seems to spread STD's among the students of both sexes and then spend their lecture times promoting immorality, perversions and atheism.

    We have an entire national media supporting these kinds of people, and a movie industry pushing every perversion and immoral act know to man.

    You should not be at a loss for any of this… the causes and reasons have been shoved into our faces for years, and since we Christian Americans have sat on our asses and done nothing to stop any of this, it is now totally out in the open and we all see these disgusting practices such as gender identity and bathroom selection being shoved down our throats. They move confidently forward, knowing they will not be seriously challenged or stopped in any meaningful degree.

    Personally, I see the complete suppression of Christianity not only here in America, but everywhere. I see Christians cowering in their churches hoping for the "end times" to save them, for the rapture to whisk then away to heaven and eternal bliss, leaving all this degradation behind… having had to do nothing themselves but act Godly. There will not be any of this "forcefully re-establishing norms".

    Islam is coming, and the eternal fight between Judaism and Islam will grind today's timid and cowering Christianity into the dust. Soon after, Judaism will most likely vanish in a sudden and fatal radioactive bonfire.

    If you believe Christians in America or anywhere else will rise to defend their religion, their way of life, their homes, their women, their nations, you're wrong. They have become a faint echo of what they once were and no longer have the strength, the will or the courage needed to survive. Not only that, their enemies are in all the positions of power and now control everything anywhere you look. Should they actually attempt to rise in revolt, they will be crushed.

    There are – of course – admirable exceptions, but they are few and far between, in my my view, there are not nearly enough of them to make any kind of difference. they are far too late.

    If you disagree, show me where A Christmas tree can be publicly placed without an instant and vicious reaction, or where the Ten Commandments can be displayed without creating a massive wave of anger.

    Now they tell us a female slave will replace Jackson on our twenty dollar bill. The likes of Louis Farrakhan along with his "Nation of Islam", and haters such as Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton have won by default.

    "Re-evaluate priorities"? Pointless. Things will escalate to the physical, but all the might and power is on their side, and being the Godless immoral beasts they are, they will not hesitate to slaughter millions to win.

    Wait for it.

    That's what Christian America has been doing all along.

  15. There is a point that EVERYONE is overlooking – that of a woman entering into a men's restroom. Yeah, no, not while I'm in there. Being a white male I am already at serious risk for false and spurious accusations of sexual harassment and sexual assault, I don't need to worry about that when I go take a leak. And yes, I've met a couple of female predators that would have loved to have created a compromising situation and make those accusations, SIMPLY BECAUSE I am male.

  16. Bruce,
    I hadn't considered that point, but it is a very good one, and one we were warned about previously (although this is a more general case).
    Combine a woman who "feels like a man at that moment" (prove otherwise…), & then claims "sexual assault", and there is a very good reason to make sure you are not trapped, and as the link indicates, there are female predators who are targeting men.
    It's why some public figures are careful to never be alone with a woman, although what we're discussing now makes the bathroom a more problematic case as previously, a woman wouldn't have entered.

  17. Amen. Unfortunately, as Bob described, there aren't enough people that are willing to stand up and throw the BS flag when encountering this situation. I know I will.

  18. If the individual actually "identifies" as a woman, you'd think "she" would jump at the chance to use the men's restroom and ogle the male bits on display there.

  19. “… with partitions and doors that fully enclose every toilet cubicle without gaps…”

    There is, I have recently learned, a company which produces an after-market device to cover the inevitable gaps in toilet cubicle construction: The Privacy Cover. If they are clever about marketing, they can turn this into a good business opportunity.

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