About that bridge in Brooklyn . . .

I’m sure that by now, many readers have seen reports (such as this one) of the carefully-cuted-up five-year-old child who “slipped through the security barriers” in Washington DC (yeah, right!) and presented a letter to Pope Francis calling on him to support the cause of illegal aliens in the USA.

This was clearly a set-up job from beginning to end.  The security surrounding the Pope was – must have been – at an astronomically high level . . . yet, seemingly miraculously, it parted before this child like the Red Sea parted before Moses.  The wording and tone of the letter she carried had about as much to do with a five-year-old’s way of thinking and expressing herself as I had to do with Mata Hari.  Yet, from the way the mainstream media lapped it up, you’d think it was the most original, most spontaneous thing since sliced bread.

They’re lying, of course.  It was nothing more than a deliberately staged photo and propaganda opportunity by those in favor of increased tolerance towards illegal aliens and granting them a path towards first residence, then citizenship.  Any politician who uses this incident as an argument to support illegal immigrants thereby brands him- or herself as either blind to reality, or actively in collusion with those seeking to undermine the constitution and laws of the United States.

If you believe otherwise, there’s this bridge in Brooklyn, NYC I’d like to sell you.  Cash only, please, and in small bills.

EDITED TO ADD:  It was, indeed, staged.



  1. You know what really bums me out? We can reasonably assume that the pope was OK with this. I don't like grandstanding in my pontiffs. You'd think that with the Colosseum just down the street from his house, guy would be more averse to bread and circus.

  2. It seems like everything outside of one's own natural body functions is rigged in some way.

    "Transparent" seems to be an obscene word anymore.

  3. We had one of these at work. We were searching for oil in a disputed Chinese-Japanese offshore border area (we were contracted by the Japanese).
    The Chinese newspapers showed two totally spontaneous (we swear) protests, in Shanghai and Bejing, each with about 50 identically dressed six year old children, holding identical flags.
    Nothing staged, just typical six year olds, concerned about future geopolitical ramifications, who just happened to all have the same clothes and flags.

  4. Always remember that there is nothing the typical progressive liberal will not stoop to in order to further their narrative and ultimate goals.
    I see this all the time with the anti gun crowd who are always guaranteed to dance in the fresh blood of innocents after any and all shooting incidents. Always to promote a shopping list of gun control legislation that would have done diddly squat to prevent the tragedy in question.
    From what I've seen, read, and heard the Pope is a nice old guy with good intentions, but he's being fed bull pucky by his advisors and by progressive vested interests.

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