About that Playboy model’s alleged affair with Donald Trump . . .

. . . well, look what’s just turned up!

The centerpiece of a New Yorker story on Karen McDougal, who says she had an affair with Donald Trump, is scribbled notes kept by the former Playboy playmate.

These notes, obtained by journalist Ronan Farrow, are presented as her personal reflections on the relationship –“later memorialized in an eight-page, handwritten document provided to the New Yorker.”

Readers could easily get the impression, as many journalists have, that McDougal wrote these notes during what she describes as a consensual relationship that began in 2006. But that is not the case.

. . .

The McDougal passages were written on a notebook marketed by fashion designer Izak Zenou, whose name appears at the bottom of one of the pages. He got into the business of creating office supplies in 2016, and the notebook was not available for sale on Amazon until March 2016.

The timing is significant.

Farrow writes that “the interactions that McDougal outlines in the document share striking similarities with the stories of other women who claim to have had sexual relationships with Trump, or who have accused him of propositioning them for sex or sexually harassing them.”

But in writing the notes in 2016 or 2017, the onetime Playmate of the Year did not foreshadow, by a decade, similar accusations by other women.

. . .

Farrow writes that he obtained the document from John Crawford, a friend of McDougal, and “she expressed surprise” that he had it but confirmed that the notes were in her handwriting.

Yet later in the piece, it became apparent that they are more than just friends.

Crawford told Farrow “that selling McDougal’s story was his idea, and that he first raised it when she was living with him, in 2016.” As they watched the presidential candidate on television, Crawford said he told McDougal that her past relationship with Trump “could be worth something about now.”

In an interview with CNN, Farrow called McDougal’s notes “written testimony” and said they exist because “in the course of selling the story, a friend of hers who coaxed her into selling it said sit down and write every detail.”

. . .

The reality is that at least a decade had passed before Karen McDougal wrote those notes, after her friend and roommate urged her to peddle her story for money.

There’s more at the link.

Would any court in the land regard this sort of “evidence” as grounds for even suspicion, let alone convicting someone of guilt?  Like hell they would!  It’s fatally flawed from the start, particularly because it’s implied that the notes were contemporaneous with the alleged “affair”.  That would almost certainly lead to the notes being ruled inadmissible as evidence in court.

I smell falsehood, deceit and lies . . . and they’re not coming from the direction of the White House.

I’m not saying Ronan Farrow is a liar, but I certainly think he’s been misled at best.  His journalistic integrity is now at stake.  I hope and trust he’ll leave no stone unturned to obtain corroborating evidence for his allegations.  If he can’t, he should publicly withdraw them, and apologize to President Trump.  As for Ms. McDougal . . . ’nuff said.



  1. There is nothing to it but the headlines bleed scandal and inappropriate behavior. It's always that way these days, and he corrupt, lying, smug, elite, mainstream media keep pumping out their filth — WITHOUT ANY REGARD to truth or accuracy.

  2. Hey Peter;

    If she alleged an affair with a stalwart of the democratic party or something like that, they would vet her story, but since it is against Trump, roll it out first, and try to score points and the media will cover for it.

  3. I wonder if this is payback against Ronan Farrow for bringing down Weinstein and overturning the rot where the termites lived?

    I agree that he needs to investigate if only minimally to confirm that he was setup to be misled and ruin his journalistic integrity

  4. When I hear yet another media harped world-ending accusation against Trump, my response has become "Whatever". I simply don't believe it, since every other hysterical story has been wrong.

    So for all practical purposes, Trump is darn close to being scandal-proof. Not good.

  5. I advance no validity or benefit of doubt to any journalist.

    News (or whatever one desires to call it) is a product, plain and simple. These people make their living selling a product, and it is sad that more people do not see it in that light. It is mustard, or dog food, or tooth paste, or any number of products hawked by their manufacturer as "the best", and better than their competition.

    I do not buy it, and if more decided not to, they might have to actually do something for a living besides moving their lips.

  6. i will tell you something for free [aren't you lucky?].
    millionaires do not have to proposition females.
    females throw themselves at millionaires.
    some throw themselves at athletes or celebrities.
    if millionaires did not have people to clear their paths they would be stumbling over half naked females all the time.

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