About those “spontaneous” news conference questions . . .

CNN claims it did not script the questions that were asked in a public news conference involving some of the survivors of the Parkland school shooting.

Courtesy of Daily Timewaster, I came across this picture from that conference:

Not scripted, huh?  With an e-mail setting out the question that student was to ask?

If you believe CNN on this, I’ve got this bridge in Brooklyn, NYC that I’d like to sell you.  Cash only, please, and in small bills.



  1. As much as I would love to see such evidence, I don't think this is it. The #CNNDEBATENIGHT tag in the lower right seems out of place for the "listening session."

  2. CNN lying? About guns? About the "conversation" about guns? My shocked face.

    So, do you know why The Long Suffering Wife, forbids me to watch TeeWee "news"? Because my Tourette's gets so bad when I do!

  3. The only real credit a news organization has is its honor and the confidence of the public that they are being presented with the facts as best they know them.
    Unfortunately, by observation the majority of news sources have been taken over by social justice advocates determined to "educate" their audience in right think. And for years they got away with it, but now with our access to multiple channels of communication they no longer have a stranglehold on information.
    Makes it easy to understand how the public had come to hold the news agencies in only slightly higher regard than we do our politicians, ie about the same elevation as a Texas rattlesnake.

  4. The rest of the world has decided to help Donald Trump and not only build a wall around the Mexicans but around the hole country. Once you kill each other and nobody is left we'll try again. Thanks limes eating tea drinker who never had to worry about a nutcase firing an assault rival through walls killing my children.
    Bye and thanks for all the fish.

  5. CNN's statement (claiming that the boy's account of scripted questions was false) contained the line overlaid on this picture from a different event.

    It is a piece of evidence suggesting that their claim "nor have we ever" is demonstrably false.

    The picture is not from the townhall.

  6. The picture is from a Feb7 2017 debate on health care between Cruz and Sanders, and the questioner holding the mic and email is Carol Hardaway. This is from a little over a year ago.

    In researching where it came from, I came across another report of CNN rejecting proposed "difficult" questions and directing chosen participants to ask "fluffier" ones:

  7. I have seen video interviews with two of the survivors of the Florida school shooting, a young man and a young lady and her father. Both said clearly that they decided to decline the invitation to attend the CNN town meeting when they were told that they could only read structured questions fed to them by CNN staffers.
    Of course CNN has experts on call to weasel word the details of a situation, but far as I'm concerned that's just a fresh revisit to that tired old line of trying to redefine the definition of is that ol' Billy Boy trotted out way back when.

  8. The news is too important to be left to journalits.
    What I find appalling is how CNN is using the survivors to push for gun control.
    I'd love to be in one of those CNN townhall jabbering and pointedly ask the CNN journalists what about the long list of mind altering/psychtropic drugs he was prescribed. Then suggest that we push for total ban on school boards medicating kids and implementing a waitlist for doctors and school

    administrators before buying and prescribing


  9. Of course _CNN_ didn't script the questions; some Soros funded activist entity did. CNN only distributed the script. Not the same thing at all– ask any leftist.

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