About those “Third World s***holes” . . .

. . . allegedly described as such by President Trump:  allow me to say, I’ve been in far too many of them for comfort.  They are precisely as described:  s***holes.  They smell of s***.  All too often, the food tastes of s***, and/or is prepared in circumstances so unhygienic I have no doubt whatsoever that it is actually full of s***.  (Ever been in a tribal village where they kill a hog or cow to celebrate your arrival?  I’ve personally watched as a pig’s intestines were taken out of its stomach, stripped of their vile contents by hand into a bucket, without benefit of soap or running water or anything else, and then dumped straight into a cauldron of boiling water to cook.  The instant they were regarded as cooked – not even halfway, I can assure you! – a chunk was hacked off and offered to me.  I had no choice but to eat it, otherwise I would have given enormous offense to those who’d prepared it for me.  Hello, huge prophylactic doses of Ciprofloxacin twice a day for the duration of the trip!)

I have no problem whatsoever providing aid to people living in such conditions, particularly when wars or natural disasters are added to the mix.  However, I think President Trump is right to be concerned about allowing large numbers of people from such backgrounds to enter the USA.  We do not want people from such backgrounds immigrating to First World countries, because they are almost completely incapable of fitting into our societies.  They don’t even understand such basic concepts as the germ theory of disease!  I don’t blame them for that;  ignorance is not their fault, but the result of a lack of education.  However, it is simply not possible for the first generation of people from such societies to become integrated into our society in any meaningful way.  The hurdle is too great to cross.  If you’re in any doubt, look what has happened with ethnic communities who’ve arrived on our shores in the past.  None of them can be faulted for their lack of education or understanding when they arrived here.  However, the bulk of the first-generation arrivals have not assimilated, in the sense of becoming Americans, adopting this country as their own without reservation.  Their children have;  but not the parents.  The burden of providing major assistance for the new arrivals has been a drain on US resources for decades.

I am an immigrant to the USA, but I arrived with the confident expectation of assimilating into the culture, traditions and outlook of my new home.  I have done so.  Many of those from the Third World do not arrive with that expectation at all.  The same applies in Europe, where right now the immigrant tide is provoking serious concern about the future of that continent as a whole.

I think President Trump’s point may have been unfortunately phrased;  but I think it is nevertheless accurate.  The USA does not need to be overrun by people who are not capable of becoming Americans.  It needs immigrants who are able to make that adjustment.  For those who are not, by all means let us help them;  but let us do so in their own countries or regions, and help them to improve the quality of life there for everybody.  That’s the only practical solution that’s fair to everyone, IMHO.



  1. After a year of Fake News, I'm skeptical about a sensational story based on an anonymous source. Just sayin'.

  2. I would point out that in most of greater Asia the primary means of crop fertilization is the generous application of human waste to the fields. Pungent is the best description I can come up with. That and pervasive.
    Funny thing, I recall a US company that tried to process human waste from a major city into sterile solid fertilizer. Their process worked just fine, minimal objectionable odor, and quite beneficial for plant growth, but the bags had to be labeled for ornamental plant use only. Seems the heavy metal content of the waste, which was prohibitively expensive to remove, made the fertilizer unsuitable for food crops.

  3. They smell of s***.

    You no longer have to travel to exotic foreign places to experience that. Just visit San Francisco!

  4. Or San Diego. When we last visited there, walking between the place we were staying (south end of Balboa Park, across the street from the community college – a fairly nice area) and the downtown tourist district we had to traverse several blocks where the "homeless" (bums, drunks, and panhandlers, as we used to call them) slept on the sidewalk every night.

    There was a time that cities that depended on tourism would do their best to discourage such behavior, and move them out of sight if they couldn't eliminate it. Not any more.

  5. "They don't even understand such basic concepts as the germ theory of disease!"

    Neither do they understand flush toilets.

    If Trump said it, he's absolutely right.

    If he didn't, he should have.

  6. Even worse, the dimocrats, threatening to shut down our government if they don't get DACA illegals amnestied.
    Pretty damned outrageous that the dimocrats would shut down our government, punishing taxpaying US citizens to benefit illegal aliens. Seems that their priorities are a bit out of order.
    No worries though, the media will back them up and vilify all Republicans for trying to protect US citizens.

  7. I don't recall where I read it a few years ago but it was a tale told by an aid worker for an NGO who had worked in India building small houses for the less-than-dirt poor. He asked how one was supposed to "help" people who when given one of these new domiciles complete with indoor plumbing insisted on urinating and defecating in the yard because they considered it "unclean" to do so inside.

  8. Peter, you said: I have no problem whatsoever providing aid to people living in such conditions

    Well, I do.

    The "American Way" is to send tax-supported bundles of food, cash and clothes to sh*tholes like you described so we can show "the world" how wonderfully compassionate we are, and try to convince "the world" that they shouldn't hate us for being American, i.e., the "please like us" syndrome Americans seem infected with. Appeasement through charity, and it never works, on any scale.

    Read Kim du Toit's eaasy 'Let Africa Sink" sometime, if you haven't already done so. When people – on any continent, or a political subdivision on any continent – insist on living like that – and whether it's caused by inadequate or non-existent education, tolerating kleptocrats in political power, below average IQ throughout society, or any other of the myriad causes/reasons/excuses, IT'S NOT MY FREAKING PROBLEM.

    If you – "you" meaning a society or group within a larger society – live at barely a Bronze Age level, and continue to persist doing so, that's called "a self inflicted wound" and it's not my responsibility to treat it, so stop using my tax dollars, either directly or indirectly, to waste on "conmpassionate" aid.

    These areas are aware of technological innovations such as airplanes, modern motor vehicles, semi-automatic firearms, digital communication equipment (jn the form of military radios), televisions, video cameras, the list goes on. If the people in those areas fail to extrapolate such technological advances into such things as running filtered water, World War 1-level medical treatments, basic hygiene IT'S NOT MY PROBLEM.

    At the most basic level, excrement, human and animal, smells bad. The bad smell is a reliable indicator of negative properties of such material, and has been since humans developed olfactory awareness. If a society, or group within, fails to accommodate that basic knowledge into behavior modification, for whatever reason/excuse, IT'S NOT MY PROBLEM.

    Peter, you want to write a check to those people, help yourself. But, you have neither the right, nor the authority, to force me into ccovering part of your check with my money. Nor does anyone else.

  9. I may be a bit jaded on the subject but I suspect that our SJWs would be a whole lot less enthusiastic about importing these people if they knew that they would have to live with them.

    The source of the problem is twofold. The Democratic Party needs more voters to maintain their position in their strongholds and Big Welfare need clients to maintain staffing levels. One cannot fault people for wanting better conditions. They have no idea that they are being imported into little more chattel slavery to serve the needs of big government.

  10. This is why I could not vote for the Donald.

    We are allowing people not counties into the US.

    In the 1800's Ireland was a shithole, Italy was a shithole, Poland and the Ukraine were shitholes. If you read Pershing's Crusaders, most doughboys thought France was a shithole. I imagine today large parts of South Africa are shitholes.

    I want screening to make sure the folks coming here want to be Americans, not just moving. I don't care where they came from as long as the plan to become Americans, not socialist Eurotrash or jihadists.

  11. In the late 1800s my great-grandfather immigrated to Wyoming from Scotland, hardly a third world s***hole, but not exactly a paradise either. Especially with the way the native Scots were treated by their English overlords. Luckil,y he had a trade and was employed by the railroad as a mechanic. Many years later he was asked by a reporterette for the local paper if he missed Scotland and wanted to visit the "old country." His response, delivered with a deliberately thick brogue was "I didn't leave one damn thing over there, and I have no intention of ever going back."

  12. The problem being that those 'people' by and large are NOT CAPABLE of living in a modern western democracy.

    They are from low trust societies, with strong tribal bonds, no experience of rule of law, no knowledge of the most basic physical world around them. They are low IQ, whether from genetics or simple malnourishment during childhood and pre-natal. They are fit for only the lowest forms of physical labor and WE DON'T NEED more laborers. Many believe in religions that are antithetical to western civilization.

    While there may be individuals from these shitholes who are in fact capable of thriving in the US, they are bound to be the exception rather than the norm, and need to be carefully screened.

    The question to ask of ANY potential immigrant is "How does letting this person become a citizen BENEFIT THE COUNTRY AS A WHOLE?

    Our CURRENT unassimilated immigrant population is going to DOUBLE in size thru simple birth in a few years. That will drastically change the nature of our country beyond all recognition. Without any moral values attached but simply using one trait, already large parts of the US, especially in the south but also in places like Hartford CT, are almost or are in fact NON-white majorities. Again, simply observing this one trait, this is a radical and MASSIVE change in the nature of our country.

    Immigration should be HARD. It should be reserved for those who can contribute to our current and future economy, with proven or realistic expectation of success.

    Finally, MOST countries are VERY restrictive of who they let emigrate. Look at the requirements for citizenship in NZ or AUS for example. Can't even ENTER Saudi Arabia with a Crucifix on your neck. Heck, look at CHINA (hint- even married to native chinese you aren't gonna get citizenship.) Where are the outraged crowds picketing CHINA for their restrictive immigration policies?

    No, we need to stop immigration for every random schmuck, and concentrate on those who not only will benefit themselves, but will provide a net benefit to OUR society.


  13. It's been a while, Fall of 1993. Spent a few weeks sailing up and down the coast of Somalia as part of Fifth Fleet. If the wind was blowing from landward you didn't have to look to know you were in the vicinity of Mogadishu. There was a distinctive, pungent odor. Fecal matter was definitely the main ingredient. Unfortunately this is the most vivid memory I retain of Africa.

  14. "adopting this country as their own without reservation" – does that include many Irish-Americans,Italian-Americans,etc who have been there for many generations ?

  15. Yes , with out reservation. I am an Irish American. American by birth, who thank god every day that my Irish ancestor wanted to leave Ireland. It is not to belittle anything rather recognition of the leap of faith, courage and even desperation that lead to that decision. And yes, Greatgrand dad never wanted to go back to the old country.


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