Allen West gets it said

Allen West is an outspoken figure when it comes to the politically correct idiocies of our society.  On his Facebook page he had this to say about the lowering of the Confederate battle flag in South Carolina today.

Yippee, the Confederate battle flag has now been removed from the grounds of the South Carolina State Capitol. And, just like that, it solves the problem of black-on-black crime and killings. Now we’ll see the out-of-wedlock birthrate in the black community drop from 75%. There will be better educational opportunities and schools in South Carolina’s black communities and all across America. The black unemployment rate will drop —especially the almost 40% black teenage unemployment rate. We’ll now see an economic entrepreneurial boon in the inner cities because the Confederate battle flag’s been lowered. And there’ll be no more gangs of blacks beating on whites — as we saw in Ohio recently. Yep, the liberal progressive media shouted “squirrel” and an entire nation went a running. All the yelling and shouting by the crowds was evidence of those who lack grace, respect and dignity. Former South Carolina Gamecocks football coach Lou Holtz remarked that when you get to the end zone, you should act like you’ve been there before. So what does the lowering of the Confederate battle flag have to do with the killing of little seven-year-old Amari Brown in Chicago — anyone know when his funeral is?

The comments from his readers are pretty much to the point as well.



  1. "Blame it on the rock n'roll", "Blame it on the alcohol and drugs".
    One has to love the "red herring syndrome".
    Everyone's too damn lazy to ever do any comprehensive examination of our dilemmas so as to ever find the true causes of them.

  2. This will increase the price of all things confederate and accomplish nothing else-well it will increase resentment.

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