Am I a prophet, or what?


Back in October I wrote:

I’m willing to bet a large sum of money that as soon as FDA approval is given to vaccinate children against COVID-19, some schools in some parts of the country will begin inoculating children with or without their parents’ consent.  They’ll arrogate to themselves the right to decide what’s best for the child.

Well, guess what?

Los Angeles School District Vaccinates Students Without Parents Knowledge or Consent

I hate being proved right about something as dire as this.

Personally, I think every parent who finds that their school district has done this should hunt down and personally punish every single person who had a hand in it – administrators, school nurses, bureaucrats, the whole damned lot.  I don’t care what the punishment is, so long as it’s sufficiently severe to be a salutary deterrent to all the other blissninnies who think they can decide instead of parents what’s best for their children.

Hanging, drawing and quartering may be an old-fashioned punishment, as is keelhauling . . . but I think they may still have a place in modern society, to punish something like this.  What say you, readers?



  1. I'm fine with targeted executions and beating within an inch of death. Sends the right message. And dollars to donuts, they're going to start happening.

  2. Wood chipper. Feet first and held back by a rope.

    Burning at the stake without a bag of gunpowder around the neck.

    Staked out over a fire ant nest.

    Tossed off the top of the LA City Hall.

  3. Schools already have the weirdest ideas on what decisions a child can make for him/herself and which need a parent's signature. Keep in mind, in many schools, students in middle school can get contraceptives or even a ride to Planned Parenthood without the parents' knowledge, but can't check a Stephen King book out of the library without a signed permission slip.

  4. Just your daily reminder that 'liberal', 'democrat', and 'progressive' are all just synonyms for 'grotesque subhuman monster whose proper place in the world is dangling from a lamppost where animals like them belong.'

  5. I'm sure that the resulting blowback will be labeled some sort of terrorist attack, to hide the reason behind it. Idiots. If I worked for one of those schools, I'd be taking a very sudden leave of absence.

    I'd guess that this is a test, to see how much reaction it generates. If it isn't MAJOR, you can bet that really bad things from the government are going to happen very soon. Pay attention, people!

  6. Well, I’m in favor of some sort of serious punishment, but considering that in some cases the school boards are sending the FBI after parents who object loudly to teaching race theory and multi gender studies the physical punishment may need to wait until some sort of revolution takes place. Maybe we will have to punish them by large dollar law suit for now!

  7. I would give the person that gave the shot and the administration a different type of shot.

    You don't fuck with my family.

  8. Anyone else notice that politicians started getting too big for their britches
    When tarring and feathering, the running them out of town on a rail fell out of fashion? That fear needs to be encouraged, more and more….

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