Amazing critters

Earlier this month I posted a photograph of octopus eggs that fascinated me.  In response, a reader sent me the link to this video report on the critters, which is even more interesting.

I’ve seen many octopii in the wild, during my youth in South Africa, but I never knew all that about them.  I’ll try not to think about it next time I’m eating calamari!



  1. Octopi are cool animals and very tasty! When hunting for octopus, one thing to look for are empty sea shells piled around an opening or crack in a rock or coral.

  2. Speaking of hunting, a human diver is likely to be stalked and even attacked by the Giant Pacific. It is more than just rumors.

    Octopuses certainly are intelligent. And clever. They really are amazing to watch. Their dynamic camouflage is well known but it's not only for mimicking their surroundings, it has been shown that their change in coloration correlate to emotional state, i.e, curiosity or anger.

    But they can seem dumb too. While chasing a halibut across the bottom, an octopus I did not see suddenly broke concealment and dashed across my path. I noticed which rock formation he disappeared into, got the halibut and came back to get the octopus. If only he had stayed concealed. We ate good that night. He'e (tako) no ka oi.

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