America’s most dangerous cities

Statista offers an interesting infographic, showing murder rates for various US cities per 100,000 residents over the past five years.  The top of the list doesn’t surprise me at all.  (Click the image for a larger view, at Statista’s Web site.)

Statista notes that the number of homicides in Chicago since 2001 surpassed total US war deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq by November last year.  They provided this infographic last year.

I’ll do my best to stay clear of all those cities, thank you very much!



  1. Still have a long way to go, to equal the murder rate, per 100,000 , that took place in London somewhere around the 1290's.

  2. Of course, no one in the media will discuss what aspect most of these cities have in common regarding demographics.

  3. I've lived in several of these cities, and while there are parts of Detroit I wouldn't willingly visit without a machine gun and eyes in the back of my head, most of these places are pretty much okay. I lived in Memphis for a while, and overall, Memphis is nice.

  4. Chicago's shooting and murder rate is really only the South Side. Only a few tens of square miles. The rest of the population doesn't shoot at each other. Of course, they aren't inner city blacks on welfare either….it is only the one section.

    Yes, I know pointing this out makes me racist.

  5. As "A Texan" noted, no info on the demographics nor who runs those cities. Cause and effect in both cases 'might' have something to do with those factors. But that is probably NOT going to be addressed by the lame stream media either…………….

  6. As one living in St. Louis, I can say with certainty these figures are horribly misleading. 95% of St. Louis is perfectly safe – idyllic, even. There are just places that one does not go, especially in the North side and downtown. Nearly all of the murders are black-on-black gang violence.

  7. I grew up in the Chicago area, and moved out to Kalifornia in 1980. When I lived back in Illinois, I knew where NOT to go in Chicago, and went there a lot.

    My sister still lives in the city, and says it's gotten worse, and some areas that used to be "safe" are now places you have to have eyes in the back of your head, and keep your head on a swivel.

    Back in the 1960's, 70's, and 80's, there were many places the Police wouldn't go unless they went in sufficient numbers to be safe from attack.

    And it's pretty much the same here in Southern California. There are places, even in "nice" cities, that a white boy like me just does NOT go to.

    Welcome to "Life In The Big City"…..

  8. Dave,

    There are neighbourhoods in most Texas cities that aren't safe for normal citizens, so we natives shouldn't feel superior. (We have our own Democratically ruined cities in progress…) DFW is slowly turning into Southern California East, so much so, the spouse and I want to move away after decades of living here…


  9. Thank heaven here in Philly our leaders have nearly eliminated legal carry of mace, stun guns, and hand guns.

  10. How about Wilmington, Delaware at 37.5 kills per 100,000? I worked in this hole for two years as a temp meterman. I think the existance of Wilmington proves there is no God. If God was real, a gigantic enema nozzle would descend from the heavens and flush the filth from Wilmington.

  11. Chris, that's sad to hear. I spent a lot of time in the DFW area back in the middle 1990's, and I thought it was a wonderful place. Great people, great food, and a lot of cool stuff to do.

  12. Persuant to the demographic question, someone, ahem, posted the results of simple correlation analyses regarding that graph over at Aesop's raconteurreport under the June 22 post.

    As it happens, I've just got through "security" and am about to fly to DTW. Was in Chicago last week, and the River North/Magnificent Mile sections were very nice looking indeed, with lots of people on the street and bustling shops and restaurants. That said, violent crime is present there too, metastasized from the South and West, but it's not obvious yet. Detroit, on the other hand, not only IS a wreck, but looks it.

    Ah the joys of commercial air travel. The ubiquity of CNN in seemingly every terminal is the thing I hate SECONDmost about air travel.

  13. Hey Peter;

    I have to work in the Atlanta area due to my job, But I don't go there at night, and I do carry if I have to go. I hope I never have to utilize my carry skills. The prior postings are correct of you overlay the areas that heavily democrat with the crime, there is a correlation. Most of the crime is black on black with the occasional white mixed in there. You never hear the race of the perpetrators, so we have learned to read between the line.

  14. A number of commenters have mentioned that it's only a certain section of town that's bad. My city, not on the list, is the same. I wonder if that is deliberate – to herd most crime into one neighborhood? It's often said our bad area (that is central, has beautiful old architecture but is a festering slum) is not cleaned up so the crime does not disperse throughout the rest of the city.

  15. We have a similar situation in my home town. The cops wanted to keep drug dealing in one area, so, they stopped enforcing drug laws in one little developement. Soon, the dealers would sit in lawn chairs as they sold poison to everyone. I guess selling poison is tiring. Complaints to the police got nowhere. This continued til the do nothing Sherriff retired with a second state pension. The new guy is a hardass who stopped the open air dealing in a month.

  16. I wonder if that is deliberate – to herd most crime into one neighborhood?

    Bus service and Section 8 housing. That, and a desire to live next door to your own race.

    I'm white. I have no desire to live in an all-black neighborhood, and it doesn't matter how high the economic bracket is. I want to live with other white folks.

    I wonder if that makes me prejudice?

  17. There isn't a murder problem in the US to speak off, we have a drugs are illegal and violent non White/Asian problem

    Baring those, US Homicide rates would be on par or probably significantly lower than Europe's

  18. Mad Jack, yes, I believe that does make you prejudiced, just for the record… Tulsa is an interesting one (I live in there greater Tulsa metro area). About 90% of the murders occur in north Tulsa and most of those are due to gang violence and drugs. Another 5% or so occur on the west side of Tulsa where there are some concentrated pockets of poor communities (again, gangs and drugs). Tulsa was completely segregated back in the day (see the race riots of the 1920s), and even though there is no official segregation anymore, there is a large racial divide between north and south Tulsa. It's slowly getting better, but very, very slowly. I'm not too concerned about the color of the people that move into my neighborhood, more about the content of their character.

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