Amid the cold snap this weekend . . .

. . . just remember, it could be worse.  You could be driving in Russia.

Here’s a selection of the more impressive Russian crashes of 2017.  Language alert in places.

I must admit, Texas drivers haven’t sunk that low, in my experience!



  1. Texas, and the rest of the U.S., don't have the problem with insurance fraud/scams that Russia does, and thus doesn't have the sheer number of dashcams that Russia does. Thus, far less footage.

    That said, at least two of those crashes were obviously in North America, probably the U.S. (North American license plates are easy to tell apart from Euro ones; I'm pretty sure I saw a Mississippi plate in one segment.)

    As a cop in Texas, I can tell you that there are plenty of crashes that result from people driving like idiots/not paying attention. Case in point: I was pulling a woman over, expired MVR, IIRC. She pulls over and stops, then, as I open my door, she starts rolling again, right into the path of a pickup truck making a (properly signalled, I watched my video) right turn onto the intersecting street.

  2. @16 seconds.

    You are submitting this claim because you were struck by a flying outhouse roof?

    Yes, I have video proof.

  3. When people complain about Texas drivers, my refrain is that many Texas drivers are from out-of-state or the county. Not that we had a shortage of native bad drivers.

    But dashcams are definitely on the list of items to get for our vehicles this year.

  4. It's getting so anyone with good sense is afraid to go anywhere. It isn't my driving that I worry about – it's a toss up between the airhead banging her gums on her cell phone who's next to me, and the neanderthal that's tailgating me, and the soccer mom ahead of me who's fighting with the kids, looking for a store she can't find, and screwing around with her sat-nav system. Between all of these geniuses, I'm on borrowed time.

  5. I drove roads like that for years in Russia. The trick is to drive slowly, very slowly. In almost all those videos they’re simply driving way too fast for the conditions.

  6. Do half these drivers ever make their destination?
    And why do all those vehicles seem to be made of clay and styrofoam?

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