An acute failure of the victim selection process


It seems that over the past weekend, a number of Antifa cells/chapters/whatever decided to demonstrate against the Honky Tonk Bar in Salem, OR because they heard it was going to host “an anti-open-borders event”.

It seems the Honky Tonk Bar is sometimes patronized by large groups of (equally large) bikers, whose philosophy of life might best be described as diametrically opposed to Antifa’s.

Hilarity ensued.

Andy Ngo provides closer-up video on his Twitter feed.  Don’t just watch the first video there:  scroll down and read some of the other contributions, plus reader reactions.

Antifa doesn’t have very good target selection, do they?  Also, I note that a single police officer provided ‘security’ by standing there, watching events (about which Antifa were highly indignant).  I suspect he enjoyed every moment, given the way Antifa has treated police in the past.

To make matters even more interesting, Antifa now appears to be doxxing some of the bikers who opposed their demonstrationAre they serious?  Do they really mean to start an open feud with a biker club?  If so, this should be highly entertaining going forward.  Pass the popcorn, please . . .

As Miggy said on his blog:  “Word of advice: If your opponents are wearing leather vests with a patch that says ‘1%’, you are better off leaving the zip code.”

True dat!



  1. Those bikers seem awfully restrained in that video. I would have expected there to be only a bloody smear left where the antifags were standing.

  2. Those bikers were restrained because the cops were there watching. If no LEO and undercovers were there, it would be a whole different picture.

    That is, if the bikers were 1% outlaw motorcycle club members.

    Though this would be an excellent way for prospects (just like it sounds, prospects for full membership into the club, think pledges to a fraternity) to get blooded.

  3. perhaps, if our descent into hell should be reversed, we shall have to thank bikers for doing the job of the federal and other police and courts, and saving the republic

  4. Antifa tried something similar around Allentown,PA back during the summer of love.

    That is Pagen territory and trust me when I say vengeance was dispensed out and no phones survived.

    There is a d├ętente if sorts in the region and antifa mixing it up was a really dumb idea.

  5. Will they sell tickets.
    Or run a book on the outcome.
    I take it that PB means Proud Boy.
    From across the Pond, thank you, and God Bless America.

  6. This . . . was not a matchup that I ever expected to see, but I'm here for it. May the bikers take up this feud – they would do more for society than the middle-class milquetoasts who allowed Antifa to have their way in so many cities for these past two years.
    That said, this does not really affect me personally in any way. Perhaps I would feel differently if this happened in my own small town.

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