An early warning system concerning the people around us


A friend reposted this on one of her social media pages.  I won’t link to it or identify her, in order to preserve her anonymity:  but I think her point is worth sharing.  The link below, and highlights in orange, are my emphasis.

The covid bull**** did us all a favor. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out for a minute. All the people demanding more lockdowns, that the unvaccinated be punished, that vaccine passports be required, that mask mandates remain in place forever, and all that **** are all speaking loudly and openly about it. Those are the people who are a threat to anyone who wants to remain free. They are the people who will report your activities to the government. They are the secret police. They’re the people who will expose the Jews hiding in your attic, metaphorically. Take careful note of who those people are. Smile. Be polite. Tell them nothing. Do not invite them to your home. Do not make friends with them. Watch your communications carefully when they’re around, and don’t talk to any of their friends or family they haven’t cut off. Those people may not be quite so far gone, but they are also an information security risk, because they will casually and unthinkingly tell their friend in the secret police anything you tell them. Because of this covid disaster, we no longer have to wonder who in our local area is a threat. They have self-identified, and we should act accordingly.

Indeed.  As our forebears were reminded during World War II:

In this day and age, when independent, questioning thinkers are regarded with profound suspicion by a “deep state” that’s determined to force everybody into submission and compel compliance, keeping a low profile is more important than ever for those with a lot to lose.  Let the iceberg be our guide.  There’s a whole lot more of it below the surface, out of sight, than is visible above.



  1. I've called the Trump years, the Great Clarifying…

    He broke people enough for them to reveal themselves.

  2. Mind your P’sand Q’s on social media; Big Tech monitors everything from the most innocent posting on Face Space right down to your “smart” tv.

  3. Hide your thoughts. Be careful who you speak to. Be careful what you talk about. Don't reveal who you are.
    This was the exact code the European Jews of '30s followed. Look where/what it got them!
    To the contrary. Expose these people for who/what they are. Ridicule them. Make fun of them. Deliberately turn your back on them in public. Expose their lies and their machinations.
    That's the only way to deal with political-state puppets and snitches – to render them powerless.

    1. Boron, thank you! I too immediately thought if the Jews in Europe in the WWII era.
      Indeed, look what it got them. I will not walk that same path. I will not remain silent in the face of the enemy.

  4. The best way to deal with the covidiots is to go back to the 1970's youth culture thing where it was uncool to be a snitch. Treat them like the snitches they are.

  5. Yes. There's been quite a few disappointments in my life from people's reactions to covid. A few who were exactly as I suspected, such as the woman at my previous work who declared I should be denied any medical care and hurry up and die because I didn't want the "vaccines".

    The Great Clarifying indeed.

  6. It is important to note the self righteous nature of that behavior most are people you wouldn't want to associate with anyway.

  7. @boron and Rick: To quote an old proverb, "circumstances alter cases". If you can speak out without putting yourself (and, more importantly, your family and loved ones) at risk, by all means do so. That's what I do, here on this blog. However, if I were living in a "blue state" or "blue city", with no support network and at risk of the anger of the powers that be, I probably wouldn't be so outspoken unless I was sure I could hide my tracks – and in this technological age, I probably couldn't.

    To continue the holocaust analogy, any Jew who openly defied Hitler and the Nazis would have been buying him- or herself a one-way ticket to a concentration camp and the gas chamber and the crematoria. The same would have applied to his or her family. Far better for them to get out of the way of the juggernaut's immediate path, then get to a place where they could offer effective resistance and hope to accomplish something other than martyrdom to their cause.

    YMMV, of course.

    1. And silent they were. All the way to the gas chamber.

      Peter, you allude to the importance of a support network. That's exactly the thing. A lone voice crying out becomes a target of oppression. A thousand and a thousand of thousand voices crying out become a movement, a force of reckoning.
      Courage is contagious.

      Yet so easily is that movement undone before it starts because all are afraid to speak.

      Now let us recall Solzhenitsyn decrying their silence which led to their great misery.

  8. "To continue the holocaust analogy, any Jew who openly defied Hitler and the Nazis would have been buying him- or herself a one-way ticket to a concentration camp and the gas chamber and the crematoria."

    To use the analogy more precisely: The Nazi concentration camp system as it developed from 1933-1939

    "served three main purposes:

    "To incarcerate people whom the Nazi regime perceived to be a security threat. These people were incarcerated for indefinite amounts of time.

    "To eliminate individuals and small, targeted groups of individuals by murder, away from the public and judicial review.
    To exploit forced labor of the prisoner population. This purpose grew out of a labor shortage."

    Imprisonment in the camps was extrajudicial; as the system developed the SS was given sole authority over the system. Not only was there no judicial review, no review by any body outside the Security Police (the Gestapo and the Criminal Police) was authorized.

    The camps also served as locations for systematic robbery of their occupants.

    As the Nazi war machine rolled out and began conquest outside its borders, the camp apparatus followed; the Wehrmacht also engaged in systematic plunder. This, together with way the German bankers structured the economies of the occupied countries, funded the National Socialist war machine and, for its "Aryan" beneficiaries, its welfare state.

    As far as Jews went, once the decision was made (around 1941) to murder them all, it was not "openly defying Hitler or the Nazis" that got them that one way ticket. It was their existence.

  9. Peter, you're on target, well said. BTW any group can be targeted.

    OPSEC, it's more than not wearing a "Come and take it shirt"

    Soon enough we will see mini holocausts of both on the left and right.

    Protect your family, even if you have to sacrifice your pride.

    Proverbs 16:18-19
    King James Version
    18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

    19 Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.

    Get busy, we've all violated OPSEC, reflect on how you did and minimize that damage.

    Tempus Fugit

  10. Just remind these people what it was like growing up in the 1970's. They are all snitches and no one likes a snitch.

  11. Kurt how does "Snitches get stiches" work out for you when you need a grey man low profile?

    Just asking for a friend

  12. Hey Peter;

    As I recall, one out of 7 "Oasties" were informants for the "Stasi", some willingly, some not, but that network allowed the East Germans to run the most feared secret police network in the world, one that even the KGB admired. Have the same mindset here with the "Covidiots", they will be the ones that "narc" to .gov about you and your preparations.

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