An illegal alien invasion, aided, abetted and sponsored by our own government


In case you thought the border crisis had eased any, be aware that it’s worse than ever.  Three independent reports bear this out.

Let’s start with Michael Yon:

Texas National Guard may as well be working for smuggling cartels. Cartel Coyotes hand off these invaders to TNG, to Texas law enforcement, and they end up on ‘free’ flights to your town.

Just following orders, Sir. They would follow orders to take our microphones and 2nd Amendment. Those true Americans who will not blindly follow orders are being purged.

Next, Ben Bergquam has an on-scene video report.  Click the link to watch it for yourself.

Finally, Jeff Rainforth reports in more detail.

Last week I visited the border with Ben Bergquam … What we didn’t expect to see was a massive cartel operation in which hundreds of migrants were illegally ferried into the US via rafts, and the Biden administration assisting them. Below are videos I took of the operation with a night vision camcorder.

. . .

I was carrying two drones in their cases and was looking for a good spot to take off and land. Just as I was setting up the infrared drone to get it in the air, a Border Patrol agent pulled up and started asking who we were and said that I couldn’t fly my drones in the area. I asked why and he replied, “you just can’t.” Miffed, I started walking back up the trail to where we had parked our rental truck. A few other Border Patrol agents asked Don (Ben’s cameraman) and me who we were with and what we were doing there.

On the road above the river, I was about to put the drone up away from any law enforcement. It’s not illegal to fly unless the FAA has restricted airspace where you are. I decided to check the FAA’s drone flight app which notifies pilots of flight restrictions. I was shocked to see that the FAA had indeed restricted drone flights in the area for ONLY three hours. In fact, the FAA had restricted drone flights across most of the Texas border, Louisiana, Mississippi, and part of Alabama. Apparently, the Biden administration didn’t want the public to see what was happening that night.

. . .

We crossed through the government staging area where the illegal aliens were being processed, and a man in uniform who identified himself as head of the Mexican unification team (or something) tried to stop us from filming. Bergquam informed him that we had 1st Amendment rights and that we were going to film (Ben is seriously fearless and takes no crap).

. . .

While we were filming at least one National Guard member told us not to, and to stay away from the river staging area where NG and Border Patrol had the illegal aliens waiting. Biden sure didn’t want America to see what was happening … Several raft loads had crossed before we filmed. We caught the final two raft trips … We estimate the cartels got in up to 400 illegal immigrants while the Biden administration did everything to stop citizen journalists like Ben and me from filming.

. . .

As you can see, the Biden administration is doing everything they can to keep the American people in the dark with regards to what cartels are doing on the border.

There’s more at the link, including a 15-minute video report.

Four points:

  1. The mainstream media, from the left wing to the right, are totally ignoring what’s going on along our southern border.  Why the hell aren’t more mainstream media voices being raised about this?  It’s no longer just illegal aliens – it’s an actual, verifiable invasion.
  2. None of these illegal aliens is being screened for diseases, having their backgrounds checked, etc.  For all we know, entire squads of terrorists could be infiltrating the USA with the active assistance of our own government!
  3. Every individual who’s crossing the border today will have to be kicked out of the country tomorrow by a more responsible administration.  We’re storing up a multi-billion-dollar headache for a future government.
  4. Why the hell is the US government cooperating with Mexican cartels at all???

If anyone has any answers, I’d sure like to hear them.  All I know is, if the Texas National Guard is complicit in this criminal activity, it needs to be severely disciplined.  If Governor Abbott is allowing that to happen, he needs to be removed from office at once, if not sooner, and replaced by someone who’ll put this state’s interests first.  It’s sickening!



  1. And how is this not treason? In our Founders time every one of the aiding and abettors would have strung up in the town square.

    1. Even if it isn't treason (and I agree that is probably is) it it certainly a violation of the constitution as it is one of the DUTIES of the federal government to stop this.

      Not that anyone in government or the press give a rats a** about the USC

  2. As I understand history the Communists-Fascists like to use criminals as shock troops.

    I bet most of these "Illegal Immigrants" are male and of military age.

    Folks the Powers that Be think can be controlled, armed and sent out to deal with that "Rifle behind each blade of grass" maybe?

    History also shows how the Night of the Long Knives got rid of troublemakers as well as the Russian Revolution Cheka version.

    Cold comfort to the people slain by them, that they too will be slaughtered.

    The Cheka is sometimes referred to as the Bolshevik ‘secret police’, though most Russians were well aware of its existence and activities. The Cheka was formed in the wake of the October 1917 revolution, as a small agency to investigate and deal with threats to the new regime.

    Maybe you should look to American Partisan's article on that PR ambush video for details coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

  3. Me? I'm truly disappointed with Texas. I thought Texans would have the stones to push back on this invasion, but they're hiding behind legs just like alotta Californians… Disappointing…

  4. Interestingly, FB would not let me post linking to this post. The tab grayed out when I hit post and totally locked up. An hour later it still had not posted, so I had to close the tab and restart FB in a new tab.

    Then I put up a generic post mentioning the situation, and asked for replies. I saw a notification one person had replied and yet ten minutes later her reply still had not shown up in my feed. Curuiuser and curiouser!

  5. Yeah, this is nonsense. Yon's talking out of his behind. Mexicans and people from the Northern Triangle (Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras) are still being taken right back to the border and kicked back across. There are people who are getting the "flights into America" treatment, but it's nowhere near the majority of those getting caught.

  6. I tend to take Yon with a large grain of salt since the time that he beclowned himself regarding the rifle trafficking into Mexico. He took the MSN claims hook line and sinker.

  7. There's no sane reason state governors can't control their own borders. An invasion is a constitutional lfetext for taking the initiative.

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