An unusual nautical problem

It seems the crew of the MV Logos Hope, which sails the world on behalf of the Good Books For All charity, found themselves with some unwanted visitors – a swarm of bees that settled on one of the ship’s lifeboats while she was docked in Kochi, India.  Clearly, they had to be prevented from establishing a new hive there, so two intrepid crew members suited up in firefighting gear (which, I’m sure, was heavy enough to offer protection from stings) and deployed a hose.

Watch the results in full-screen mode for best results.

The use of hoses to repel boarders is, of course, not a novel tactic . . . it’s just that the boarders were a little different this time!



  1. Too bad they could not call on a local beekeeper – a swarm that size would be money in the bank once they were relocated to a proper hive.

  2. I'm so glad that bees, wasps and hornets are so small, imagine life on a planet where they are the size of a German Shepard . . .

  3. If they were a wild breed of bee I don't think they could be put in hives. Or…perhaps there's no equivalent of beekeepers in India? Or…they may have needed to sail immediately and didn't have time to wait for a beekeeper?

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