And the hate crime Oscar goes to . . .

Sent in by several readers:

It’ll be hard to choose from a list like that . . . they all deserve to win!  On balance, I’d say Christine Ford would get my vote.  How about you, readers?  Any other nominees to suggest?



  1. Ford: Best Actor
    Phillips: Best Supporting Actor
    Smollett: Writing/Direction

    They are *all* winners in their own special way…

  2. Unfortunately Ford walked away with a huge GoFund Me amount of cash. I wonder if she really thinks it was worth it..

  3. Ford Ford Ford.
    Ding Ding Ding.

    The Atlantic still thinks Ford was telling the truth — in a wimpy introspective about Smollett.

    Her walking is another "guilty go free" justice error.

  4. Well, Ford now claims she lives under 24 hour security protection due to "death threats" so there is that… Even a million dollars doesn't go very far when you have to pay for 4 or 8 people (more like 10) six figures apiece.

  5. Oh Ford wins hands down. She lied and lied and lied and she got away clean just like arch criminal Hillary Clinton.
    Phillips wins on the professional liar level. What he did was egregious and the way the Washington Post et al jumped on the story to cast shit on a 16 year old boy who did nothing but smile at the crazy man hopefully means the kid will walk away with tens of millions of dollars and just maybe the pukesticks in the media will learn a lesson from being sprung loaded to hate. I doubt it but it's worth a few million to see it happen again.
    Smollet's a Smeagol and won't get jail but will get fired and never hired again just like his idol kaepernick.

  6. Hey Peter;

    I would have to go with Ford, she seemed to skate away with a huge gofundme balance. She says that she needs protection…I kinda doubt that…she says it to keep the narrative alive and hopefully soak a few more liberals down for more money. Nathan Phillips had his liberal "Credentials" verified and found lacking, all flash and no substance…so he will be facing legal inquiries as will his big pocket liberal allies. Well Smollett should have been the liberal intersectional trifecta, h is black, Jewish and gay. That ranks himself up there on the liberal hierarchy of victim groups. His mistake was pushing a narrative that was too unbelievable to be true and because of who he was the CPD Tiptoed around the issue and investigated for weeks before coming out with their verdict.

  7. Ford – and her success / reward for her false accusations will just encourage others. She’s a heroine of the resistance.

    I’m glad that the Covington kids are suing. Seeing Philips in court will be good. The process is the punishment, unfortunately.

    Smollett will only receive an official slap in the wrist, but his career is over. I hope Trump uses this as a lever to stop the hatred / abuse / demonization of his supporters.

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