And it took scientists to figure this out?

I’m a bit mind-boggled by a headline in the Telegraph:

Since when were scientists needed to figure this out?  Haven’t we known this since oh, about half an hour after red wine was invented?  For that matter, why not just say “alcohol” and be done with it?

Of course, it’s actually a serious study, and it does point out that “while red wine appears to be helpful, white wine, beer and spirits were not linked to higher fertility” . . . but the opportunity to poke fun at the scientists was irresistible!  I wonder how many of us were sparked (you should pardon the expression) by one or both of our parents having an extra glass or two of wine, or something else suitably intoxicating?  I suspect it might be more than we’d think . . .



  1. Actually, science has also determined that there IS a "spark" at the moment of fertilization–a bright light flashes.

    So no pardon necessary!

  2. Ha!

    I've discounted "major scientific studies" ever since reading one that proclaimed, with great fanfare, that children do indeed have "growth spurts." What, they couldn't just ask someone who's trying to buy her children clothes without going broke?

  3. Re: Growth spurt study…

    Sometimes it seems that "anecdote is not dat{-a,-um}" really means, "I choose to ignore the evidence of your experience."

  4. That "study" is clearly flawed – as it is demonstrably true that (sufficient) consumption of any sort of wine, red or not, greatly increases the likelihood of pregnancy occurring…

  5. Hey Peter;

    I will use a phrase I remember reading when I was a teenager "She is a dame and like most dames, her inhibitions drop massively when she gets sauced." I am sure the principle applies with guys, when you have "fun" more often of course your chances of getting pregnant goes up, lol

  6. I will leave you with the following passage I read some time back. "At the reunion of a large family, the (slightly) intoxicated grandmother began giggling uncontrollably. When her daughter asked what was so funny, the grandmother replied, "I just realized that the reason all these people are here, is because I got laid"". Always struck me as funny.

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