1. Waitwaitwait…someone with tons of education, and no practical real world experience muffed how things go in the real world??

    Color me shocked.

  2. Changing the subject, but still about cars:

    "Elsewhere South Africa seems to be a good bet in the longer term [for Formula One car races], but there needs to be an election next year to confirm Cyril Ramaphosa as the country's president. If he wins that then the race is very likely to happen."

    (From https://www.motorsportweek.com/joesaward/id/00328 )

    Just wondering what you may think about this.

    Sam L

  3. Hmmm-m-m –

    I remember reading about the danger of "circular-runs" in connection with submarine-launched torpedoes, back in the early days of underwater warfare – but that's definitely the first time I think I've ever seen anything like that in connection with car-crashes…

    You learn something new every day, don't you? (8-D)

  4. If you watch enough of those Russian+ videos, you'll see crash vehicles end up everywhere and anywhere. One of the factors is that following an impact, most drivers forget about having brakes, leading to lots of secondary collisions that often cause more collisions. Somewhat like the old pinball games.

    One of the overlooked factors in the bad driving exhibited in Russian videos is that, essentially, the public has only been driving for one generation, since the wall fell. They have not had the experience of spending their formative years riding around with adults observing how it is done. Prior to that, driving and owning a vehicle was a restricted privilege.

  5. I wonder who planned and carried out that video? The most basic thing you do to control a vehicle is brakes, and the next most basic is steering; the old trick for a car being towed was to roll the window down and tie the steering wheel to the mirror – apparently they didn't think to do it here!
    I wonder if this was being done for a media group or a non tech group? The other thing that strikes me is how close to the vehicles the watchers are – most US crash test videos have remote cameras to get the people away; here they didn't even use a barrier such as a Jersey wall or a ditch!

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