And now for something alcoholically different

Youtube has a large number of videos purporting to show Irish people trying various things from other countries.  Some are very amusing, including this one, where they try half a dozen varieties of American moonshine.  Love the reactions as their alcohol level rises and their inhibitions fall!

Given that Ireland’s the home of potheen, and the source of uisce beatha, I’d thought they’d have liked moonshine more.  Oh, well . . .



  1. Those tasting videos are one of my guilty pleasures.
    The Irish folk do strike me as your typical Euro millenials though.
    Holding the usual attitudes about us Americans, while generally loving many of our foods.

  2. Well, them commercial things, for the most part (not familiar with all of 'em, and prob'ly won't be) are not much like real 'shine. There's a reason it's called white lightnin', y'know. If it don't "push your face in the dirt and call you nancy" it ain't the real thing. (Wish I could remember where I heard that description — I'd credit the original if I could. It fits.)


  3. It's a bunch of liberals. Try the one where they shoot guns or they have vegans eat meat. You will see their true ideology.

  4. All I saw were commercially produced whiskeys. Proper moonshine is a home made item and the quality can vary widely. A friend of mine used to have a friend from Kentucky who had a source of some well made moonshine. It was surprisingly smooth and rather tasty. Sadly, the source is gone now.

  5. Been to the Ole Smokey Moonshine…uh…store. All of the flavors are watered down to something like 20 proof. The only one that tasted good to me (you can taste all of them) was the Corn Liquor. Honest to goodness could taste the corn! The Moonshine stores are the latest fad in Gatlinburg. 35 years ago I enjoyed going to Gatlinburg; they still had mom-n-pop gift shops and artisans on the main drag. Now it's just like any tourist trap.

  6. Lighten up, guys! It's Irish folks drinking, which is supposed to be a serious and, er, sobering, subject. Instead, these are really funny.

  7. That little nose ring makes her _so_ attractive, don't you think? Well, maybe after a few more glasses of 'shine.

    Reminds me of my wife's favorite joke: What's the difference between a fox and a dog? Oh, about seven beers.

  8. There's also one vid clip on youtube, where Indians (the subcontinent) try the same moonshines (except for the last one). And one where West Coast Millenials try the same commercial moonshine.


  9. I have tasted all of the 'shines they had except the Platte Valley Corn. They are all low quality whiskey. I guess I am spoiled with the shine I can get in western NC. I call it liquid insanity.

  10. We have a jar of KY shine in the office in case of snake bites.
    We also have a bottle of Buffalo Grass vodka from Poland in the freezer in case of snake bites.

    Please send snakes.


  11. As a person who is part Kraut, part Mick, and part Limey, (No drinking
    problems in my family) I find this video funny. I have tasted some
    moonshine, and I found it to be quite smooth. But it is in the
    category of hard liquor that "Sneaks up on" the drinker. Take
    Sake or Tequilla, after a few shots it is like someone comes along
    hits you in the head like a ball peen hammer!

    I would think a fellow Mick would LOVE Moonshine. It gets you where
    you want to go in a very short period of time.

    Two Irishmen walked out of a bar. Well, it COULD happen!

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