Another anti-gunner falsifies her arguments

A journalist lobbies against “stand your ground” laws for Idaho by lying through her teeth about the Zimmerman case.


A young boy with dreams of becoming a pilot is gunned down in 2012. On his person: Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice. A package of candy Skittles.

. . .

In Florida, Zimmerman pursued Martin. He fatally shot the seventeen year old, and promptly was protected under Florida’s “stand your ground” law. In trial, Zimmerman would claim a defense of self, despite aggressively following and tackling Martin. And according to Florida law, he had the right to do so. The jury could not charge him, and Zimmerman would walk free. One juror said Zimmerman “got away with murder” precisely because how Florida’s “stand your ground” was written.

. . .

Laws like “stand your ground” provoke racial bias and racism. According to TakePart, nearly 20 percent of homicides are deemed justifiable when the shooter is white and the victim is black. This compares with the 1 percent of shootings where the victim was white and the shooter black.

This structural racism at its finest: a modern-day lynch law.

There’s more at the link.

Let’s count the inaccuracies, omissions and lies in just that short excerpt.

  1. Trayvon Martin wasn’t a “young boy”, but a 17-year-old young adult.  Furthermore, he wasn’t carrying juice and candy for separate consumption, but as ingredients for “Purple Drank“, an illicit narcotic mixture.  His social media posts confirm he was a frequent user.
  2. The judge in the Trayvon Martin case advised the jury that Florida’s “stand your ground” laws meant that Zimmerman did not have a duty to retreat, and had the right to defend himself.  However, that was not the cause of his acquittal on the charge of second-degree murder brought against him.  The charge, and the “not guilty” verdict, did not reference that statute at all.  The verdict was based on the (lack of) sufficient evidence to convict him.
  3. “The jury could not charge him”?  Juries don’t charge anybody.  They assess guilt or innocence on charges brought by prosecutors.
  4. “Laws like ‘stand your ground’ provoke racial bias and racism”.  Says who?  That’s her opinion, not a statement of fact.  The statistics from TakePart that she cites refer to shootings that are found justifiable.  That justification does not rely on “stand your ground” laws, but on the whole panoply of criminal versus justified homicide.  No “stand your ground” laws allow or excuse the shooting of innocent persons.  Why does the author not comment on the actions of the people who were shot – actions that would justify regarding them as a threat, irrespective of their race?

Looks like yet another journalist prepared to twist facts and dance in the blood of the victims of crime as she inveigles against common sense and in favor of moonbat shibboleths.  I won’t wish for anyone to be a victim of serious crime, to wake them up to the reality of which they clearly know nothing . . . but sometimes I’m sorely tempted!



  1. The comments there by the people just believing all her lies about Zimmerman sure blows away my mental picture of people in Idaho! The one Angry Liberal (writing in ALL CAPS) is a strong example, but some of the others are bad, too.

  2. Frakking New Yorkers contaminating my home state.

    If only commenting didn't require a Facebook log-in….

    SiGraybeard: you must be seeing a different set of comments than I did. Most of them are cogent and logical rebuttals(in whole or in part) of the bag of fail that the opinion piece is.

  3. But … but … surely the end justifies the means? Doesn't it?

    (The world needs a sarcasm font, right enough).

    Phil B

  4. Another lie is that "…despite aggressively following and tackling Martin…" Zimmerman did indeed follow Martin, but did not tackle him. Instead Martin turned and confronted him and then physically assaulted him, ending up pounding Zimmerman's head into the concrete, which resulted in him firing one shot ins self defense, ending the assault. Stand your ground had nothing to do with it. straight up self defense.

  5. Unfortunately, Idaho has been recently affected by The Blues … Boise in particular. Californicators are the most prevalent, but not the only perpetrators – everywhere these people go, they seem to want to re-create the place they left.

    If your old place was so good, why did you leave?

    It happened in coastal Oregon, Las Vegas and Reno (but perhaps not the rest of Nevada), Seattle, and the People's Republic of Boulder. Idaho was "discovered" when BSU won that football game in 2007; what was once a joke turned serious and downtown Boise is rapidly becoming uninhabitable (oops, too late).

    We need politicians like Wyoming Sate Representative Hans Hunt who told a constituent she is welcome to “by all means, leave” the state when she complained about Wyoming's gun laws.

    “I’ll be blunt. If you don’t like the political atmosphere of Wyoming, then by all means, leave. We, who have been here a very long time (I am proudly 4th generation) are quite proud of our independent heritage.”

    Idaho used to be like that …

    (I find it interesting that of Idaho's two congressional districts, Boise proper was carved out into District 2, while metro Boise remains in District 1)

  6. Are the lies working? Do the twisted facts get writer what the writer is after? Is the propaganda working?
    That's the question….

  7. The son Obama never had was also a beneficiary of the same blind eye policy which allowed the Broward County killer to obtain weapons. He had plenty of Rubin's with the law in Miami Dade but no record.

  8. " 'Journalist,' rope, lamppost. Some assembly required." That's how I feel about this kind of despicable, deliberately deceitful peddling of propaganda and malicious, malignant falsehoods.

    Especially when that propagandizing is in service to a campaign that is fanatically determined to strip the citizenry of their God-given, constitutionally affirmed, inalienable rights, in an effort to complete the (already frighteningly progressed) transformation of citizens into subjects, consequently initiating a devastating civil war that will leave tens of millions dead, and hundreds of millions permanently warped and devastated by the horrific, unspeakably monstrous acts that inevitably accompany such a war.

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