Another approach to the illegal alien problem

Karl Denninger offers his solution to the problem of how to get rid of illegal aliens.

It’s really quite simple.

To obtain any social benefit at a state or federal level — including free public schooling, Medicaid, Section 8, EITC, EBT of any sort (including WIC and Food Stamps) — the following criteria must be met for all persons living in the household.  A person is “living in the household” if their personal effects are in the abode or they sleep there:

  • Said person(s) are US Citizens OR
  • Said person(s) are lawful permanent residents who have been lawful permanent residents for at least ten (10) years OR
  • Said person(s) are lawfully present in the United States, having been admitted through a legal immigration or migration program and they have a US Citizen or 10+ year Permanent resident as a formal, voluntary sponsor who is remitting, on a monthly basis, the ratable portion of all social benefits and costs incurred by them or their direct offspring to the US Treasury and State Treasuries, respectively.

Violation of these terms results in the immediate termination of all such benefits in which federal funds are implicated including free public schooling, free lunches, EBT, EITC, Medicaid and similar for all persons in the household.

. . .

Further, a person reporting such a household, which is found to be harboring illegal invaders, is entitled to 10% of the social benefits that would have otherwise been spent in said household on social benefits for the next 12 months as a “finders fee.”

Second, shut off the coyote revenue with the following:

No person may transfer funds out of the United States to a second person not in the United States via any means, including “money transmitters” such as Western Union, Moneygram or the purchase of prepaid accounts valid outside the US unless they provide positive identification as either a US Permanent Resident or Citizen and same is recorded by the transmitter and is both retained and details of same are reported to Treasury when in any calendar year the aggregate amount exceeds the 1099 reporting requirement for any single person ($600.)

. . .

This instantly detonates the means by which the “coyotes” can collect from migrants who have no money and promise to pay once they get to the United States and start obtaining “freebies” from the US and State governments or via illegal employment.

There’s more at the link.

Seems pretty reasonable and straightforward to me;  but the bleeding hearts will jump all over it as “discriminatory” or “unreasonable” or “inhumane”.  They completely ignore the damage that illegal aliens are doing to our economy just by being here – the undue demands placed on our welfare network, the cost of providing health care for them (usually via EMTALA – where the hospital has no recourse for payment, so it ends up on our backs – or by state [i.e. taxpayer] subsidy), and the additional costs of tracing and getting rid of them.

Sadly, Mr. Denninger’s suggestions can’t be implemented without the active cooperation of Congress and the Senate;  but they’ve been bought and paid for by Big Business lobbyists who support uncontrolled illegal immigration.  President Trump can do a lot, but he’s still hamstrung on the big issues, absent legislation to support and fund what he’s doing.

Perhaps we should require our lawmakers to spend a month each year actively policing our out-of-control borders, riding along with the Border Patrol and other agencies.  Half of their time could be spent riding along with law enforcement personnel in our cities, where they’re trying to control the flood of illegal narcotics, gang crime and other plagues that illegal aliens have brought with them.  That might give them a more accurate perspective on the realities of the situation.



  1. Yes, entitle ONLY U.S. citizens (whether born-and-raised here or legal citizens) to the social safety nets.
    And be allowed to verify legitimacy of applicants, by valid I.D. and (the rigors of) credit checks.

  2. This sounds very good to me.

    President Eisenhower did much the same with Operation Wetback.

    Just taxing the remittances by 25% would shut down a lot of illegals, and result in a huge revenue that should be funneled into the Border Patrol, immigration courts, and other immigration expenses.

    Much rather see our money go to actual citizens, even drug using, filthy disease vector crazy insane homeless in California, than go to illegals who are gaming our system.

    We need to get rid of all the future democratic voters. Because, well, that's who they are seen by one party. The next big democratic voters (Insert Nancy Pelosi saying LBJ's remarks when he signed in the Civil Rights Act…)

  3. Hispanic's in the United States sent 33.48 Billion dollars to Mexico in 2018. In 2017 the United States aid to Mexico was 49.87 Billion dollars. Here's how Mexico can pay for the wall. For every dollar that is sent into Mexico we take off $2.00 in aid. They sent 33.48 billion that would cost Mexico 66.95 billion meaning that they would end up not receiving any aid and owing us 22 billion. The aid not sent then could be spent on building the wall. Of course illegals will try to find work around's like people going back and taking everyone's money but human nature being what it is I wonder how much would actually be received. No bank transfer's without a legal green card. With Mexico's lack of help in border crossing they are tanking our economy and getting our money. Stop the money and I bet they will find a way to help stop the influx.

  4. Add that employers may only deduct wages, payroll taxes, and benefits when the employee's name and social security number matches the social security database.

  5. Still too unwieldy overall and possibly illegal to withhold public education.

    I get to look at this stuff from the inside- since my wife (and most of her friends) were illegals when we met, I got to know how they use, abuse and game the system… Now, some of these folks were desperate enough to earn their green cards the hard way, like marrying me, for example. I still have a brother-in-law and his family who are all illegals and present up north.

    Now, the largest and most felonious people who are gaming and abusing the system all have one thing in common- they're citizens!

    It's exceedingly rare for illegals to take jobs away from citizens. The action happens where CITIZENS cheat and steal from their peers by hiring illegals… and the thing is, these lowlifes are in plain sight all the time. About half of all restaurants. 30-70% (so I've heard) of landscapers. A massive majority of nannies and housecleaners. Lord knows how many construction workers.

    Each of these groups are run by citizens who are bending over their peers and cheating on their taxes.
    Look, the easiest, most moral and only 100% legal way of creating a permanent fix to illegal immigration is to focus on financially destroying the incentive to hire legals. Massive, crippling fines, mandatory prison sentences, and huge whistleblower payouts. All easily organized. So why are we not doing this?

    We can massively expand ICE and have manhunts for illegals, and Amnesty International will become larger than GM, and the tax burden will be worse than it was before the illegals were forced out. A massive human rights crisis would ensure.
    Or, we could just burn the balls off of the scum who are screwing their fellow citizens by hiring illegals. Migration to their home nations would be their only option, and this would allow them to do so safely. Who is going to hire 10 nice but monoglot Brazilian roofers at $60 a day knowing that they face a $10,000 per day per man fine, and whoever rats them out gets 25%?

    Hell, you could get a new roof for your house, roll over on the contractor and pocket $100,000 towards an addition!

    Now, in all seriousness, there's a dozen laws governing international transactions that would make targeting remittances unhelpful. Aside from the fact that every city already has foreign banks like Santander operating already, which would immediately step up, and for slightly higher fees, you can access your accounts in any country they operate in. They're just slightly more expensive than Western Union at the moment.

  6. Banning remittances won't work and will cause significant economic harm to the US.

    It won't work because you have to allow US citizens and actual legal residents to transfer money abroad.

    There are any number of reasons why US citizens/legal residents should be allowed to transfer money from small import businesses to gifts to family members abroad to charitable donations and so on. If you attempt to ban them too then the protests will be epic and (see charitable donations etc.) likely to involve entire classes of people you would not normally expect to protest and I suspect the law would be found unconstitutional (I guarantee it would be found unconstitutional in some circuits, I strongly suspect that the current SCOTUS would agree once the challenge got to them).

    If you allow US citizens to transfer money abroad then you'll find shady legal citizens/companies transferting the money legally to associates in the foreign countries who then pay the coyotes

    The economic harm comes from the effective criminalization of small business import/export businesses as well as the blocking of people like me with legitimate US investments taking the money out. A good example would be foreign landlords trying to repatriate rental income

  7. Start rounding them up at businesses, and charging a $50,000 per person fine to the company.

    Start rounding them up outside Home Depot and Lowes. Send them all back to Mexico – that's where they came from, after all.

    Tax all money transfers to Latin America at 50%. Post ICE agents at the Western Union desks at every Wally World.

    Build the wall. Shoot anybody who touches it.

  8. I don't think they need to suffer that much.

    I used to support the border patrol in san diego with thermal imaging cameras and spent some time in their border fortress along with the sarcastic wit who was their mechanic who filled the bulletin boards with wonderful articles praising the idiots for wrecking car after car driving into 'unexpected' wadis in hot pursuit.

    however, tax all money transfers to latin america

    shoot anybody who touches the wall.

  9. Passion for refugees is one thing

    …but what about the people right here in the U.S. who are homeless, struggling financially, have to reside in the midst of "gang culture", or have fallen on hard times through no fault of their own?
    Shouldn't we, as a country and society, first focus on "helping our own"?

    …and, besides, how do we know how many claiming "refugee" status are not phonies or frauds infusing themselves among those who actually are fleeing political/social terrorism and autocracy?

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