1. Very amusing!!

    I subscribe to the Newspaper Archive and when I look at old US newspapers from before 1925, I have seen ads for toilet paper that proudly proclaim, "No splinters in our paper"……

  2. I've been known to compare the TP at a certain educational institution 9Not where I currently work) as being John Wayne TP: it's rough, it's tough, and it won't take cr*p from anyone.


  3. Back in the bad old days, I traveled to Romania in the '70's. I swear their TP was reversible. It was like waxed crepe paper. Maybe it was designed to cut down on food consumption…

  4. Somewhere around the house I have a copy of the military specification for toilet paper – it allows a certain number of splinters per square inch!

    I've heard of (but not seen) toilet paper in parts of Europe that was waxed.

  5. The Izal(?) TP we had at school in England in the 70's was like parchment paper…unabsorbent and scratchy. Shudder to recall it.

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