Another ‘interesting’ landing

Courtesy of a link at The Aviationist, here’s an Airbus A380 of Thai Airways arriving at Narita Airport in Japan in March this year, during a strong crosswind.  I suggest watching it in full-screen mode.

I’m amazed he didn’t have a wing-strike with an arrival like that! Glad I wasn’t aboard that one . . .



  1. Loved the Aileron into the wind just prior to touchdown to get the upwind wing a little low. Wonder how the Captain liked looking out the FO's side window on approach.

  2. Somebody buy that poor pilot a drink and a new pair of underwear!

    I'd fly with that guy any time. He (or she) has a nice set of reflexes.

    I'm shocked by how hard and fast that gust twisted the flight path of that huge jet.

  3. Juvat:

    Capt. sits in left seat, which is the right side of the airplane as you look from the front, so he was looking out his OWN window on approach.

    Never flown that bird, but looks like you'd get an engine strike, not a wing strike, if too much crosswind. If you managed to get a wing strike, that plane would probably be, um, shall we say, "out of service."

    I wonder how close they were to their maximum crosswind component on that landing. Sometimes what looks really bad to an outsider isn't as bad as you'd think. Sometimes what doesn't look too dangerous is really bad. Intuition isn't your friend here, but that's clearly a scary landing looked at from outside.


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