Another musical blast from the South African past

A few days ago I put up an article about how Miss D. had found a song that was popular in South Africa in the late 1970’s, and meant a great deal to me through its association with a long-dead friend.  I’ve had a few requests for more music that I remember from that period which would not have been well-known in the USA;  so I’ll try to put up a few more songs this week.

Let’s begin with ‘Charlie’, a Number 1 hit from 1976 by the South African group Rabbitt, which existed for only a few years before breaking up to allow its members to pursue greater opportunities overseas.  Two of them, Trevor Rabin and Duncan Faure, would go on to become well-known as members of, respectively, Yes and the Rollers.

At least I have happier memories from this song than from Penny Croft’s . . .


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