Another strange machine

Yesterday I put up a video clip about a Soviet amphibious tractor that seemed to have pretty amazing performance.  Thanks to everyone who provided more information in Comments to that post.

Here’s another one I came across today.  It’s the Swedish Bracke T26.a Disc Trencher, used in forestry and similar industries.  The company calls it a ‘scarifier’, although until today I’d only heard that term used in connection with human body modification.  Its massive disks are designed to cut up tree roots and dislodge small rocks and stumps, leaving behind two trenches ready for the planting of new seeds and/or saplings. (I daresay it’d do a hell of a job of human body modification too, if required!)

Call me an equipment nerd if you wish, but I like learning about well-designed equipment that does its job efficiently and effectively.  That thing looks like it does its job brutally as well!  I can think of a few inner-city slums, on more than one continent, where I’d love to turn it loose . . . perhaps escorted and assisted by a couple of cannon-armed versions of that Soviet-era amphibious tractor.  It should leave them ready for use as a future deer habitat!



  1. Oh my gawd!!! Don't let the greenies see this. All that ripping and plowing of the poor mother gia…the inhumanity!!!!


  2. Al_in_Ottawa,

    There were two prototypes built by Timberjack. One with six legs, one with four. Both units have been retired and and Deere got a lot of good data out of the program which has found it's way into their current forestry products. The cab designs of their current line of forwarders is a good obvious example.

    The six legged prototype was refurbished (testing in Finland was not kind to it) and is currently on static display at the John Deere Pavillion in Moline, IL. It is an amazing bit of equipment seen in person.


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