1. Bollywood—where 'continuity' is a swear word, nothing makes any sense, vehicles flip for no reason, bad guys materialize from thin air, and everything explodes at some point, including the horses (just wait for it).

    Bollywood is one of those places that doesn't care if you're laughing with them, or laughing at them, as long as you're buying tickets so they can make another action flick like the last one.

  2. Indian cars are highly flammable. I particularly love that you can so clearly see through the empty engine compartments at 0:59 and 1:37.

  3. See what happens in a country where there is no NHTSA and they are still driving 1980s Mitsubishi cars!

    Thank your bureaugodhs for their safety efforts today!

    Who notes the half ton of "safety" stuff and pollution controls on new US legal cars. Note: There is some question if ANY current cars are currently .gov legal in the USofA!

  4. It's all the curry. it gets into everything, and is highly flammable. Why just adding chicken, vegetables and yogurt to curry is enough to set a human on fire from the inside out. It's why you eat the rice and naan. The fireproofing properties of rice are well documented, and naan is just tasty.

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