Archbishop Vigano’s message to America – profound truths


The mainstream media, and the Catholic Church in America, have largely been silent about the Christmas message to America delivered by the former Papal Nuncio (ambassador) to this nation, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, on December 18th.  That’s only to be expected, of course.  It was a powerful denunciation of the machinations of those in power in this country and abroad.

I fully endorse what Archbishop Viganò has to say.  I can’t find anything with which I’d disagree.  Therefore, for those of you who may have missed it, I reproduce it in full below.  Please read it thoughtfully and carefully (and, for those of you who are believers, prayerfully).  Even if you’re an atheist or agnostic, I think you’ll find a great deal of food for thought in his words.  If you’d prefer to listen to Archbishop Viganò deliver his message, you’ll find audio here.

Dear American people, dear friends, for two years now, a global coup has been carried out all over the world, planned for some time by an elite group of conspirators enslaved to the interests of international high finance. This coup was made possible by an emergency pandemic that is based on the premise of a virus that has a mortality rate almost analogous to that of any other seasonal flu virus, on the delegitimization and prohibition of effective treatments, and on the distribution of an experimental gene serum which is obviously ineffective, and which also clearly carries with it the danger of serious and even lethal side effects. We all know how much the mainstream media has contributed to supporting the insane pandemic narrative, the interests that are at stake, and the goals of these groups of power: reducing the world population, making those who survive chronically ill, and imposing forms of control that violate the fundamental rights and natural liberties of citizens. And yet, two years after this grotesque farce started, which has claimed more victims than a war and destroyed the social fabric, national economies, and the very foundations of the rule of law, nothing has changed in the policies of Nations and their response to the so-called pandemic.

Last year, when many still had not yet understood the gravity of the looming threat, I was among the first to denounce this coup, and I was promptly singled out as a conspiracy theorist. Today more and more people are opening their eyes and beginning to understand that the emergency pandemic and the”ecological emergency” are part of a criminal plan hatched by the World Economic Forum, the UN, the WHO, and a galaxy of organizations and foundations that are ideologically characterized as clearly anti-human and — this needs to be said clearly — anti-Christian.

One of the elements that unequivocally confirms the criminal nature of the Great Reset is the perfect synchrony with which all the different Nations are acting, demonstrating the existence of a single script under a single direction. And it is disconcerting to see how the lack of treatment, the deliberately wrong treatments that have been given in order to cause more deaths, the decision to impose lock downs and masks, the conspiratorial silence about the adverse effects of the so-called “vaccines” that are in fact gene serums, and the continuous repetition of culpable errors have all been possible thanks to the complicity of those who govern and the institutions. Political and religious leaders, representatives of the people, scientists and doctors, journalists and those who work in the media have literally betrayed their people, their laws, their Constitutions, and the most basic ethical principles.

The electoral fraud of the 2020 presidential election against President Trump has shown itself to be organic to this global operation, because in order to impose illegitimate restrictions in violation of the principles of law it was necessary to be able to make use of an American President who would support the psycho-pandemic and support its narrative. The Democratic Party, part of the deep state, is carrying out its task as an accomplice of the system, just as the deep church finds in Bergoglio its own propagandist. The recent rulings of the Supreme Court and the autonomous action of some American states — where the vaccination obligation has been declared unconstitutional — give us hope that this criminal plan can collapse and that those responsible will be identified and tried: both in America as well as in the whole world. 

How was it possible to arrive at such a betrayal? How have we come to be considered enemies by those who govern us, not in support of the common good, but rather to feed a hellish machine of death and slavery?

The answer is now clear: throughout the world, in the name of a perverted concept of freedom, we have progressively erased God from society and laws.We have denied that there is an eternal and transcendent principle, valid for all men of all times, to which the laws of States must conform. We have replaced this absolute principle with the arbitrariness of individuals, with the principle that everyone is his own legislator. In the name of this insane freedom — which is license and libertinage — we have allowed the Law of God and the law of nature to be violated, legitimizing the killing of children in the womb, even up to the very moment of birth; the killing of the sick and the elderly in hospital wards; the destruction of the natural family and of Marriage; we have recognized rights to vice and sin, putting the deviations of individuals before the good of society. In short, we have subverted the entire moral order that constitutes the indispensable basis of the laws and social life of a people. Already in the fourth century B.C., Plato wrote these things in his last work The Laws and identified the cause of the Athenian political crisis precisely in the breaking of the divine order — the cosmos — between these eternal principles and human laws.

These natural moral principles of the Greco-Roman world found their fulfillment in Christianity, which built Western civilization by giving them a supernatural impetus. Christianity is the strongest defense against injustice, the strongest garrison against the oppression of the powerful over the weak, the violent over the peaceful, and the wicked over the good, because Christian morality makes each of us accountable to God and our neighbor for our actions, both as citizens and as rulers. The Son of God, whose Birth we will celebrate in a few days, became Incarnate in time and in history in order to heal an ancient wound, and to restore by Grace the order broken by disobedience. His social Kingship was the generating principle of the ordo Christianus that for two centuries now has been fiercely fought against by Freemasonry: because the Revolution it promotes is chaos; it is disorder; it is infernal rebellion against the divine order so as to impose Satan’s tyranny.

Now, as we see what is happening around us, we understand how mendacious were the promises of progress and freedom made by those who destroyed Christian society, and how deceptive was the prospect of a new Tower of Babel, built not only without regard for God but even in direct opposition to Him. The infernal challenge of the Enemy is repeated over the centuries unchanged, but it is doomed to inexorable failure. Behind this millennial conspiracy, the adversary is always the same, and the only thing that changes are the particular individuals who cooperate with him.

Dear American brothers and sisters! Dear Patriots! this is a crucial moment for the future of the United States of America and of the whole of humanity. But the pandemic emergency, the farce of global warming and the green economy, and the economic crisis deliberately induced by the Great Reset with the complicity of the deep state, are all only the consequence of a much more serious problem, and it is essential to understand it in depth if we want to defeat it. This problem is essentially moral; indeed, it is religious. We must put God back in the first place not only in our personal lives, but also in the life of our society. We must restore to Our Lord Jesus Christ the Crown that the Revolution has torn from Him, and in order for this to happen a true and profound conversion of individuals and of society is necessary. For it is absolutely impossible to hope for the end of this global tyranny if we continue to remove from the Kingdom of Christ the nations that belong to Him and must belong to Him. For this reason, the movement to overturn Roe v. Wade also acquires a very important meaning, since respect for the sacredness of unborn life must be sanctioned by positive law if it is to be a mirror of the Eternal Law.

You are animated by a yearning for justice, and this is a legitimate and good desire. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,” says the Lord (Mt 5:6). But this Justice must be based on the awareness that this is a spiritual battle in which it is necessary to take sides without equivocation and without compromise, holding transcendent and eternal references that even the pagan philosophers glimpsed, and that have found fulfillment in the Revelation of the Son of God, the Divine Master.

My appeal for an Anti-Globalist Alliance — which I renew today — aims precisely to constitute a movement of moral and spiritual rebirth which will inspire the civil, social and political action of those who do not want to be enslaved as slaves to the New World Order. A movement that at the national and local level will be able to find a way to oppose the Great Reset and that coordinates the denunciation of the coup that is currently in progress. Because in the awareness of who our adversary is and what his aims and purposes are, we can disrupt the criminal action he intends to pursue and force him to retreat. In this, the opposition to the pandemic farce and the vaccination obligation must be determined and courageous on the part of each of you.

Yours must therefore be a work of truth, bringing to light the lies and deceptions of the New World Order and their anti-human and anti-christic matrix. And in this it is mainly the laity and all people of good will — each in the professional and civil role he holds — who must coordinate and organize together to make a firm but peaceful resistance, so as not to legitimize its violent repression by those who today hold power.

Be proud of your identity as American patriots and of the Faith that must animate your life. Do not allow anyone to make you feel inferior just because you love your homeland, because you are honest at work, because you want to protect your family and raise your children with healthy values, because you respect the elderly, because you protect life from conception to its natural end. Do not be intimidated or seduced by those who propagate a dystopian world in which a faceless power imposes on you contempt for the Law of God, presents sin and vice as licit and desirable, despises righteousness and Morality, destroys the natural family and promotes the worst perversions, plans the death of defenseless and weak creatures, and exploits humanity for its own profit or to preserve power.

Be worthy heirs of the great Archbishop Fulton Sheen, and do not follow those of your Pastors who have betrayed the mandate they have received from Our Lord, who impose iniquitous orders on you or who remain silent before the evidence of an unheard of crime against God and humanity.

May this Holy Christmas illuminate your minds and inflame your hearts before the Infant King who lays in the manger. And just as the choirs of the Angels and the homage of the Magi united with the simple adoration of the Shepherds, so also today your commitment to the moral rebirth of the United States of America –one Nation under God — will have the blessing of Our Lord and will gather those who govern you around you. Amen.

May God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop,18 December 2021




  1. Michael Matt @The Remnant TV mentions Vigano often. I like The Remnant, they are outspoken conservatives but gratifyingly free of sectarian bigotry.

  2. I started seeing what's happening now back when I was a kid, and the teacher told us that we weren't required to say the Pledge Of Allegiance. Soon after, God was removed from just about every function at the school. Now homosexual marriage and abortion up tp and including birth are applauded. Unfortunately our legal system sets itself up for this kind of thing, and once God is removed, everything goes, and then everything goes to hell. It's up to US to say NO. We CANNOT sit silently and let things go any further. Yes, it's going to SUCK for us for a while, but in the end God wins. He wins every time…

  3. I do not see anyway out of this without a lot of violence. They will not leave alone by force of argument as they all know better how we should be ruled

    They only thing that will change them is there death. It is going to get a lot worse pretty soon.

    If you have debt get rid of it.

  4. Dear Peter,

    I was following your blog for many, many years. Maybe up to fifteen, I can't tell for sure. Thank you very, very much for all these wonderful posts and opinion pieces about society, military history, guns, moonbattery, music, culture, African history etc. etc. etc.

    Wonderful non-PC stuff, hilarious memes, conservative thinking at its best. Often some call for moderation if overzealous people around you forgot their so called "Christian Values" and called for violence or hate.

    All your books will stay in my collection and be read again and again.

    But: no more following the blog. Same thing for Aesop, by the way.

    I'm afraid that today's letter from that italian cretin was the straw that broke the camel's back.

    If I ever, EVER again read the words "Great reset", "New World Order" or hear the names Bill Gates or George Soros or "Freemasonry" in connection with Vaxxing or "Depopulation of the planet" – I will grab a shotgun and go run amok.

    Of course one could look at such stuff and shrug one's shoulders ("They believe in that bullshit, what can you do?").

    But my opinion is: life is too short for this kind of idiocy.

    Did you ever, just one single time, saw a conspiacy theory become reality? One f…ing time? I understand the thrill behind all these theories. In German we have the word "Angstlust", which perfectly describes the motivation to see a horror movie or enter a "Haunted House" amusement ride. Same for conspiration theories.

    It is always nice to know things that others ("the sheeple") do NOT know.
    But, Peter: your life gave you a lot of experience and insights. You are not only the Renaissance Man, you have fought in wars, fought for justice, you lived in other continents and you saw a lot more than most of your american fellows will see in their whole life. Ain't that enough? Do you have to put ridiculous stuff on top of your vast earthly experience? Really?? For a lot of people this stuff will devalue your immense credibility…which I find rather sad.

    So I whish you and your wife a long and healthy life. May your blood pressure always stay low in spite of the all the coming revelations of diabolic conspiracies, be it by Q-Anon, Donald Trump, the Flat Earthers, Ron Hubbard or any second and third tier clerics.

    Keep on the good work, I will surely have a close eye on future books. Just ordered the second volume of "supper tales". However, these blogs are not good for MY blood pressure…so bye bye for good.


  5. Nice speech, but I am a Protestant. I believe the catholic church is part of the evil. I would never allow a mere man (the pope) to dictate what is right in the eyes of God. That is between Him and me. No man has the ability to forgive my sins in a booth; only through prayer and repentance are sins forgiven – and I will NEVER Hail (worship) Mary.

  6. @oldvet1950 and Old NFO: No problem that you're Protestant and don't believe all that Catholics do. As far as I'm concerned, any serious, committed Christian is one body in Christ with all other committed Christians, irrespective of denomination, theology or whatever. We'll sort out the differences on the other side.

    @hdemand: I'm sorry you've reacted so strongly to the Archbishop's speech; but God bless you anyway. We'll just have to see who's right in due course.

  7. Hey Peter;

    Wish they could have selected him as the Pope rather than that cretin presently head of Gods Church in Vatican City.

  8. @hdemand: I was a little taken aback about the mention of the FreeMasons too. And, while I am not on board with the whole NWO, great reset, global depopulation, etc., you do have to admit that he has a valid point of interest in that all of the nations (at least western nations) seem to be following the same playbook since covid was announced. That should at least pique your curiosity as to why that is so, and who is writing that playbook.
    There are many questions without answers, such as:
    Why are they pushing the jab so hard with all of the reported adverse reactions and deaths being reported? (Is it all about the money?)
    Why are they ignoring sound medical and scientific data that shows lockdowns do not stop the spread of a virus? (Is it about gaining more control over citizens?)
    Why are they ignoring sound medical and scientific data that shows cloth masks, cheap disposable paper masks, and shields do not stop the spread of a virus? (Here again, is it all about control, or is it about seeing how easily the masses can be manipulated?)
    Why are they hiding, and even outlawing, other treatments? (Is it all about the money, or is it something more sinister? After all, if it was a true pandemic, it would seem that they would be more than willing to try anything to stop the spread, rather than place all hope on a fast-tracked vaccine that wasn't even made available until a full year after covid first appeared. And now that the jab has been proven to not stop the virus, why are they still pushing it so hard?)
    Why are even the medical associations on board with the absurd way things are being handled? (Is it all about the money from big pharma?)
    So many questions, and so few answers…

  9. No fear, hdemand will be back. He has done this many times before, declaring how awful a blog post is and how much better things are in the Fatherland (spoiler: they are not), but he always returns, he can't help himself.

  10. @T Town: Don't forget that the Archbishop is talking about European Freemasonry, which is a whole different ball game to what Americans call Freemasonry. There's a very nasty, centuries-old history of conflict between Christianity (particularly Catholicism) and European Freemasonry that, AFAIK, has never existed on the same plane in this country.

    That doesn't mean that American churches regard Freemasonry as compatible with Christianity. For example, here's an evangelical perspective on the matter:

  11. Another excellent message from the good Archbishop.

    On Freemasonry, I think there are two main flavors, the Scottish/English one, born and established in Protestant countries, and the French/Latin one, imported and established in Catholic countries. The former kind could be patriotic, and civic minded. I've met some outstanding individuals among those Freemasons. But they are not very fond of Mother Church, anyways.

    The Latin ones, on the other hand, are quite corrosive for the countries that suffer them, as their main motivation is hate against the Catholic Church. They wrecked Spain during the 19th century, and they were the main force behind the independence movements of South American countries (see the 1820 Riego revolt), they are behind the Laicist French public policies, and they are the main culprits of the failing state that is now Mexico.

  12. Oldvet, I'm a flaming Protestant myself, but a lot of what he said in that speech made sense. Extend the olive branch.

  13. @T Town

    I am pretty sure that you, me and every earth inhabitant with more than two brain cells to rub together have a lot of open questions. For me, these 22 months were a strange time. I‘m inclined to believe that there must be other people who felt like a pinball inside the machine. News and changing scientific numbers by the dozens, frequently developing, changing, sometimes contradictory.
    Let me try to answer some of your questions on the basis of what that bookloads of information, medical lecture, news from around the world etc. (and own and experience) taught me. It is just my two cents, but may it be helpful. Have to split up my answers on several postings, sorry for that.

    Q: „…you do have to admit that he has a valid point of interest in that all of the nations (at least western nations) seem to be following the same playbook since covid was announced.“

    They all battle the same virus.
    You cannot discuss with a virus.
    You cannot simply win against a virus pandemic.
    There is no easy way to stop a virus.
    You cannot save an open society from the virus. Even a dictatorial government like China (with an obedient mass of sheeple) can only win small victories.
    A person infected can not be cured, at least not completely.
    Most important:
    Everybody goes through learning curves. Hint: Scientists are NOT born know-it-alls, never been. But they GO through learning curves. They publish. Their study setup and data gets fine combed by other specialists. Those proudly use to find flaws and mistakes. Probable sources of error. Bad study design. Sometimes the publising scientists have to go back to the lab to do it again. Finally they all agree. You know what? This takes a lot of time. Time we, the humanity threatened by a virus, do not always have. So it’s sometimes try-and-error. But somehow, someway we get it done.
    And then the Virus changes. Which is second nature to most Virii.
    And everything starts from anew.
    But they, we, get it done.

    That’s what all free societies do.

    That’s what all free societies do.
    No script. No wordwide conspiracy. Which is an oxymoron in itself.
    You probably heard that saying: „Three can keep a secret. But only if two of them are dead!“ Right there is a lot of wisdom. Not in the circles who talk about the poor children, wasn’t it „Pizza Gate“. Or Mossad being responsible for 9/11.
    They never learn.
    Whenever the last disbeliever starts to rethink: Wow. A new conspiracy! How interesting! And only we few know about it! Hooray. And all the rests are idjits…
    Well. Can be amusing.
    But please, not during a pandemic. We are gambling with our kid’s future. I have two kids. They didn’t miss school, because they are older, but a lot of other kids (Hundreds of millions) lost a lot of school time and it isn’t over yet.
    And my kids have to pay the taxes to compensate for the pandemic’s additional costs respective economical losses. Not good…

    See part 2

  14. @T Town, Part 2

    Q: „Why are they pushing the jab so hard with all of the reported adverse reactions and deaths being reported? (Is it all about the money?)“

    Because the jab is the most effective way to keep healthcare systems from collapsing and economies from tanking further in the wake of this.
    Our German unvaxxed are less then 30% in total but an absolute majority of those with severe illness in the ICUs.
    If you would remove all unvaxxed from the hospitals they would be half empty. If vaxx rates would go up to 95% (which is medically possible) there would be no chance in hell for a collapse of the system.

    There simply IS NO HIGH RISK from vaccination.

    If you are looking at the VAERS documentation, you may be shocked. As long as you do not know what you are seeing there.

    Since the very beginning of vaccinations scientists always have looked for side effects and dangers. To get this done you collect open data from everybody and their cousin fred. Whatever happened to them after vaccination, you encourage the people to report everything. Every thing! It is important.

    Now, your actual vaccination rate in the US of A is about 62%.
    So that means, 62% of ALL sicknesses, of ALL deaths in The USA else is reported in VAERS.
    Completely without any relation to the vaccine.

    Hint: Vaccination rates in elder people use to be higher than in younger people, because they feel more endangered by the virus – and rightly so. So within these 62% are much more 88year olds than in the overall population.
    Now, who has a higher risk of death? Who gets more sicknesses? The 18 year old or the 88year old? See the point?

    If you correct the bias of the elderly and then compare the percentage of deaths or certain sicknesses of 2021 with the rate of, say, 2017 or 2018 you will find that they are absolutely similar. No increased risk.

    There NEVER WAS SUCH A THING as late effects from vaccination.

    There was a side effect called Narcolepsy when people got vaccinated against the swine flu. People just nod off frequently, even during work or driving. Scary shit! Vaccinated people in Sweden showed a significant higher risk of becoming Narcoleptics than the unvaccinated. It is a live-altering illness, and to add insult to injury swine flu turned out to be much less dangerous than scientists feared. Bad luck for those poor vaccinated sods.
    But those numbers were there from the first month after the vaccination. They were just so small that it took a year or so to find the correlation.

    Now we have a worldwide number of vaccinated people in excess of 4,5 BILLION. With a follow up of up to 9 months or more. Don’t you think somebody would have cried „FIRE!“ if there was the slightest hint of something going wrong? More Narcoleptics, for example.

    „Why are they ignoring sound medical and scientific data that shows lockdowns do not stop the spread of a virus? (Is it about gaining more control over citizens?)“

    Lockdowns stop the virus for a while. But even the worst dictators have to allow the people their freedom after a while, respectively to open up bussiness traffic to avoid going broke. Guess what happens, inevitably? Ask China or Singapore… the infection rate is soaring again.
    So, learning from bad experience, most governments try to avoid lockdowns. Even the German government, backed up in their strong reactions by the traditional „German Angst“, has now a consensus to refrain from further lockdowns…

    See Part3

  15. @T Town, Part 3

    Q: „Why are they hiding, and even outlawing, other treatments?“

    Let’s take a look at Ivermectin. Hundreds of my patients (I do laser skin treatments) are very happy with a new skin ointment against Rosacea (facial inflammations). Active ingredient? Ivermectin. It simply kills skin mite, who may be the chief cause of Rosacea. My wife, having Rosacea, loves the stuff.

    Ivermectin has the potential to kill COVID. If you ingest it in extremely high dosage (like for deworming hordes), it may help you. But it certainly will kill you or at least make you very, very sick.
    You like the idea of millions of people start to experiment? Because someone on the interwebs said so? Not really, am I right?

    I'd like to go on, but tomorrow at 5:30 I have to hit the highway. If you like further discussion, answer please. I will look at the comments for a few days, just to bring this to an end. But will not digest further nonsense, even if it comes from Peter Grant, whom I always regarded. It feels like a divorce after 15 years, but I will stop following that blog.


  16. @Peter:

    "@hdemand: I'm sorry you've reacted so strongly to the Archbishop's speech; but God bless you anyway. We'll just have to see who's right in due course."

    Dear Peter,

    I wasn't reacting on that clerics speech. We are are used to hearing nonsense from these high ranking catholics – who would have been thrown out of the temple by Jesus himself if he lived today.
    I was disappointed – again – fby you. Rubberstamping this case of horse manure with (your words) "profound truths".

    But you are right, we'll just have to see who's right in due course.

    It would have been intellectually honest if you would sometimes have spoken a final word regarding all these other conspiratory myths you reported or at least quoted in the past. No word about Q-Anon's poor children in the basements of that D.C. Pizzeria, eh?

    But I prefer to leave on a lighter note.
    It was 95% fun, enlightening and informative. So thank you again for all that years. Still feels like a divorce…


  17. Shameless liar or non compos mentis?

    Here is the quote, you decide:

    "Ivermectin has the potential to kill COVID. If you ingest it in extremely high dosage (like for deworming hordes), it may help you. But it certainly will kill you or at least make you very, very sick."

    And here is actual solid information on Ivermectin, much of it peer-reviewed, from highly credentialed physicians who use it to save lives every day:

  18. Telling someone that has ample first hand experience on using Ivermectin on himself, for covid and other diseases, that Ivermectin does not work or even could kill strikes me as something not quite smart to do.

  19. Cochrane? Anybody home???? Please google: Evidence based medicine? Anybody home???????? Please google: Cochrane.

  20. @Froginblender

    Okay („sighs deeply“), let’s do it step by step:

    „Shameless liar or non compos mentis?“

    Nope. Just somebody used to reading and understanding scientific publications since the early eighties. Necessary for my job. But that’s just 40 years, so who am I to judge. You might be a Professor of Virology or Epidemiology or Pharmacy. Your words:

    „…actual solid information … peer-reviewed … highly credentialed physicians“

    I have to admit, this words give ample room for discussion. But in the world outside of your comfortable little bubble, „peer reviewed“ does NOT necessarily mean:

    „ Doctores Krethi and Plethi have presented a sound study, which is perfectly designed and will help millions of sick to get healed“

    Signed Prof. Tom D. Harry. The Wonderful Harry Alliance, Bumfuck, Indiana
    Published in „The Power of Homoeopathic Breathing“-Magazine, Dry Hump, North Dakota


    It would be wonderful to have a positive study about Ivermectin published in, say, „The New England Journal of Medicine“. Or „Het Lancet“. Would change my mind in a heartbeat. They have a hard-earned reputation. One single hoax may kill this, so they have real specialists look very close before they publish. And if they find out something was wrong or some data turn out to be questionable, they retract the studies. See 2020 (Chloroquin/COVID.

    So I looked again today, because I perfectly know that science is a progress with a learning curve.

    But alas, no news about Ivermectin.

    What to do now?

    I looked around again, further: Major Universities from different countries, FDA, Robert-Koch-Institute, Leopoldina, the usual suspects if you need an idea what’s true and what is questionable.

    They write the same stuff about Ivermectin, over and over….
    „Numbers not convincing, database too small, some studies retracted because of problems, unsafe, OTOH toxic reactions reported en masse, … the full nine yards.

    Oh, sorry. You are completely right. I must have forgotten in all that excitement. FDA doesn’t count. Because US Gubmint. Never to be believed. Sorry, sorry.
    Universities? Oh yes, you are right again. They are full of leftard globalists, all members of the NWO and paid by good old George Soros. How could I have forgotten? My bad.

    So, well, I am out of ideas. Wouldn‘t it be wonderful, if there were a kind of completely independent organization the world could rely on? Kind of a referee. An organization not run by governments! Not funded by Big Pharma! Generally refusing funds from the industry! Non-political! Specializing in open medical/pharmaceutical questions.

    Oh, how wonderful this would be.

    Wait, WHAT?

    It exists???

    The Cochrane Collaboration?

    Great! So let’s just look, what they have to say about these Ivermectin studies…

    And now I rest my case. And, better believe it, Mr. Frog, FINALLY.

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