Are Mr. Biden’s demands a Trojan horse, to expose dissenters and compile a “hit list”?


I’ve been giving a lot of thought to Mr. Biden’s ultimatum to the American people, delivered yesterday afternoon.  It was clearly unconstitutional, just like his earlier use of the CDC to illegally block evictions of those who have not paid their rent.  The latter was overturned by the Supreme Court, and he – or, rather, those using him as cover, those manipulating him like a stuffed puppet – must surely know that the same is likely to happen to his vaccine “mandates” . . .


Why impose mandates that are obviously and prima facie illegal and unconstitutional?

I have a thought.

If I were among those who stole last November’s election, who overthrew the legitimately elected President and imposed their own puppet regime, who are now illicitly running the country and trying to remake it in their progressive left-wing image . . .

If I were among them, what would be the best, the easiest way for us to identify every potential opponent of our plans in every single federal government department, including law enforcement and the military?  What would be the simplest way to force our enemies to identify themselves, so that we know who’ll have to be dealt with when the time comes to impose our will upon this nation, irrespective of democracy, the constitution, and the will of the people?

It would be to confront them with a simple binary choice that would force them to reveal themselves.  It would be to offer them a choice so stark that accepting it would effectively force them into compliance:  and once one has surrendered to tyranny, every subsequent surrender is easier and easier.  It’s the beginning of the slippery slope that leads to serfdom.

On the other hand, rejecting that choice would identify them as our enemies, as clearly as if they’d painted a mark on their foreheads.  We’d be able to purge them from every government department, particularly those with leadership potential.  Not only would this provide lists of many of those we’ll need to deal with before we can impose our will;  it’ll also ensure that the departments of government are freed from their pernicious influence, so that they’re now more reliable instruments of tyranny in our hands.  We can use those departments, including law enforcement and the military, as tools to impose our will on America without having to worry about internal resistance within the organs of government.

If you look at Mr. Biden’s pronouncements yesterday from that perspective, they take on a much more sinister, yet much more believable aspect.  They’re Trojan horses.  They aren’t there to make us healthier:  they’re there to smoke out the patriots among us, those who will resist and actively oppose the Biden administration’s plans to dominate and control America forever and crush all opposition.  The powers that be want to expose all such people, so that they’re easier to deal with, and so that they can be removed from any position(s) where they might interfere.

The more I think about it, the more I believe that’s the real reason Mr. Biden made that speech yesterday.  It’s another step – and an important one – on the road to tyranny.  If we allow him – and those behind him – to get away with it, we’re going to find it that much harder to stop him next time . . . and there will be a next time.

What say you, readers?


(EDITED TO ADD:  As reader “Winterborn” noted in a comment to this post, The Intrepid Reporter has an interesting variation on the way I’m thinking.  Go read it here.  It’s worth your time.  See also Larry Correia’s reaction to the situation, and Sarah Hoyt’s too.  Aesop at Raconteur Report has the strongest, bluntest response I’ve seen so far.)


  1. There are some smart people in the blogosphere. I see many comments stating the same; that this dictate is to flush out the resistance.

    Perhaps it is not so smart but that they are so dumb. Either way, this unlawful, illegal 'mandate' is entirely transparent of it's true nature. Stay tuned for an actionable false flag in the very near future.

  2. Boiled down to "Relax" Larry Corriea is rather perturbed on this as well. Quite the post on it today

    Read the whole post. Their Trojan Horse is neighing.

    The language
    The tone
    The presentation
    The content
    ALL designed and probably put together by the 'Committee' that's actually running the show. And of this group, they went as hard as they could into full on Dictatorial Mode, hoping that r/ourguys do something stupid.

    To which I say: Relax.

    He makes quite a few more great points on this. Ending with

    Be the Gray Man
    Keep Stinging

    Solidarity Now (it was showing Solidary, pretty sure that's a typo).

  3. The most likely reason for the mandate is to create momentum on the part of the left to pack the court when it gets slapped down by the court.

  4. If, after 13 years of blogging, I'm not already on several government lists, including a "hit" list, I'd feel like a total douche slacker.

    Leviathan should be afraid.
    I'm not.
    I'm just filled with a terrible resolve.

  5. Peter, I don't dispute your assessment that Biden (or, more likely, whomever is operating him) may be executing a "Trojan Horse maneuver" designed to identify those opposed to the Left's position and policies.

    But it's binary – consider the reverse: it also identifies those supporting the Left's position and policies. We will learn for certain exactly who among the population are our enemies; that is very useful information for the days ahead.

    Which also makes me wonder – how many will be designated to become "moles" who falsely oppose the mandatory jab to establish credibility with the Patriots?

  6. First, September 11. Never forgive, never forgot.

    @Kurt9: Good insight on SCOTUS packing.

    @Guy Jean: That Hashem I work for myself, and my customer doesn't care about anything except getting my work done.

    @Unknown # 4B, Jr. What's that quote? Tracers work both ways? 🙂

    If you'll forgive my immodest linking to my two most-recent essays:

    Fear is the Mind Killer…

    There's a video in there that discusses and explains the techniques being used. Including – citing you – that ridicule is a most potent weapon.

    Proverbs 16:18… and What’s Coming?

    In this I embedded a video from a real 2015 conference called the New World Order. In that, the speaker talks about global depopulation. This is my comment after:

    "Now, imagine that you’re in a lecture and you hear a person talk about the need to murder 90%+ of people alive today. Discussing, coldly, the “peace of the grave” of billions starved to death. Starved to death. And you sit there and still listen? You don’t scream out at that?"

    Hashem help us all, and bless America and Western Civilization.

  7. @Unknown # 4B, Jr.
    We already know our enemies. All Democrats politicians. People who vote for Democrat politicians. People who give support to Democrat politicians. RINOs (which appear to be at least half of them, if not 2/3).

  8. Seriously? I'm not mocking you here, but if the Bidenharris junta don't know who their enemies are, they're even dumber than in my wildest, most optimistic prognostications.

    No, this isn't 4-D chess. This is desperation. This is an attempt to look… well, 'muscular' might not be the best word. But it's an attempt to not look like the failures that Afghanistan showed them to be. And it's a clumsy, rushed attempt at that.

    No, I take them seriously. But I don't overestimate them either. And they are morons.

  9. Federal Contractor here, he didn’t need to do that yesterday. Every federal employee and contractor HAD to fill out a for on their vaccination status a month back. Could say did, didn’t in process or chose not to say. They treated choose not to say and unvaccinated as the same. Mandatory testing weekly. He is trying to increase the number of jabs before whatever bad thing the jabs lead up to starts, and people go find their pitchforks and torches.

  10. I believe that Biden's Puppet Masters are doing everything then can to keep changing the narrative so they try to keep people off every disaster they have created. The problem is every time they do something it turns bad and it is already bad. The MSM may claim the Republicans do not want vaccines but it is a large part of the population and most of it Dems. People are seeing the Biden Admin is doing things against Americans but not all and being hypocrites. People hate hypocrites in politicians. The best thing we can do is vote out all Democrats and if there is a Republican up for a primary look hard at the other person running as there are only a few valid Republicans.

  11. One thing is certain; Biden damn sure didn't come up with this idea himself, it was one of the many puppet masters that are controlling him!

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