Arrived safely

Miss D. and I left home (our old home, I mean) at about 4.30 a.m.   After a long, tiring but peaceful journey, we arrived safely at our destination in northern Texas at about 7 p.m., to be met by Old NFO (with whom we’re staying for a few days – we’re the first sleep-over guests in his new retirement home, AFAIK), Lawdog and Phlegmmy.  Much laughter and enjoyment was shared over a light supper and copious quantities of tea and other liquids.  It’s always fun to reunite with old friends.

We’ve got a very busy week ahead.  We close on our new house on Tuesday;  we have to change all the locks, and the code on the garage door opener;  we have to measure the bedrooms for new flooring, find something we like, buy it, and carry it to the house where people will install it over the next couple of weeks;  we have to unload all the stuff we brought down and store it safely;  and then we’re leaving my pickup and trailer here, and renting a car to get back to Nashville next weekend.  In between all that lot there’ll doubtless be much more shopping, measuring and getting quotes to fix up various things, as well as enjoying the company of friends.

I’ll put up more blog posts as and when time allows.



  1. I'm glad you are among long trusted and revered friends. I hope the coming days are more hope and fun, then drudgery. I for one, am so happy to be out of a two household living arrangement, and home with my husband every night.

  2. Glad to hear it! Also glad to hear that Lawdog is well — he's been blog-silent for a while and I was worried.

  3. Glad to hear that you and yours are making the move to the only country that matters…TEXAS!!!!! We need more voices of reason here. After nearly 21 years of Army, I couldn't wait to get back home myself. Let me tell you that a Texan out of Texas is much worse than a fish out of water. You said North Texas? Metroplex? I grew up in Plano until I left for the Army and no one has enough money to get me back to that many people in one place. Good luck to you on the final move and welcome home.

    near College Station

  4. I am very glad to have you in North Texas welcome hope I run into you sometime as I live in Terrell and grow up in Dallas in fact Dad was born in Dallas 1919. welcome and good luck

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