As if we needed more reminders . . .


. . . and yet, some do.  For all that we’ve discussed food shortages and other current crises in these pages, there are still those driving blithely along, refusing to see – let alone acknowledge – the signs of the times all around them.  I honestly don’t know how – or if – they’ll cope when reality bites.

Here are a few resources that you may find useful, either for yourself or to pass along to your family and friends.

The impending fall f*ckening

It’s truly difficult for normal people to fathom this but the government wanted to coerce you into buying an electric car so badly that they doubled the price of food for everyone.

In the United States of America, we will experience a food crisis that was purposeful created by our government.

That is utterly Soviet in nature and it happened here to support green energy initiatives.

It’s going to get bad.

USDA Raises Food Price Forecast to Highest Level in 42 Years, Third Wave of U.S. Food Inflation Will Dwarf Prior Price Increases

Have you ever seen egg prices at $1 per egg range, or $12/doz?  Hold on a few months and perhaps you will.  That is the context for the scale of food price increases the USDA is now starting to predict.  The highest predicted change in food costs in well over 40 years, that’s the USDA warning in their revised May “Food Price Outlook”.

. . .

You know how much prices at the supermarket have increased in the last six months.  Double that, and there’s your estimation for food prices later this fall.

Behind all the datasets, statistics, BEA, BLS, USDA and analysis of these things, there are real people living paycheck-to-paycheck that are likely to be in serious food insecurity position for the first time in their lives.

I’m not talking about poor people, I’m talking about solid upper middle-class working families with kids who are already being hit hard by gasoline, energy, housing and grocery store increases.  Another twenty percent increase in food costs can easily become a crisis.

The Destruction Of Our Way Of Life Is Intentional

It is going to get nothing but worse and FAST.

Gas and Diesel prices are already insane around here, I saw $5.49 a gallon three days ago locally for Regular gas.

Food inflation is literally going to DOUBLE from just the two months ago by the end of Summer.

The squeeze is on with the total destruction of the Middle Class as the end goal.

People on Fixed Incomes and the poor are already getting hammered, by Fall we are going to be seeing stories of malnutrition and want all across the country on a daily basis.

This next Winter is going to have people dying from lack of food and heat.

It is coming and it is being done on purpose.

New normals

As I’ve said before, there’s a point at which I stop working the pumps and instead start heading for the lifeboats. As of late, in the last couple years, I’ve narrowed my focus down to what I need to take care of myself and those I care about. My neighbors, distant family, and the total strangers around me…who make more money than me and have more resources…have had plenty of time to get to their lifeboats. I’m not setting a seat aside in my lifeboat for them. They saw the signs, same as me. They could have prepared, same as me. They’re going to have to live with their choices, same as me.

What does that mean, exactly? Am I envisioning starving neighbors begging for food in some Holodomor-like famine? No, I’m not. I’m of the opinion that it’s virtually impossible to starve in this country if you are reasonably intelligent and in generally good health. What I see happening to the unprepared and the head-in-the-sand-crowd is financial impacts that will destroy dreams of retirement, force the sale of homes and vehicles, put plans on hold, reduce a standard of living, and perhaps even drive people into homelessness or a wave of perpetual ‘couch surfing’. There will be a lot less Trader Joes and Whole Foods, and a lot more WalMart in some peoples lives.

Society is going to be remade over everything in the last couple years, and everything thats coming in the next few years. Much like how after 9/11 there was a ‘new normal’, I think by the time this current administration and its epic failures have run it’s course we will have a ‘new normal’. I like to think that the result will be a lot of people ‘coming over to our side’ but it’s entirely possible it may go in the other direction. Sure, the Great Depression set a generation of Americans on a path of being better prepared, but it also created a generation of Americans who believed that government entitlements were a solution.

. . .

Sometimes, like when I saw chicken jump sixty cents overnight, the hair on the back of my neck stands up and I wonder if maybe I’ve been right all along. Guess we’ll find out. In the meantime, I’ll continue to observe and note the interesting ‘signs of the times’ that seem to be all around us these days and that we will look back upon later and marvel at.

We’re in It Now for Sure

Many more Amish are landing in the county these days. I hear they go around to the failing or inactive farms with bundles of cash and make an offer, just like that. Evidently the method works. It’s given me a business idea: to start an Amish skills school, buy a few acres with a barn and hire some Amish men to teach all us non-Amish how to do a few things that might be good to know in the years ahead, like how to harness horses to a cart or a mule to a plow. (The Amish like to make a bit of cash-money when they can.) That’s my idea of how to build back better. What do you think?

I can’t disagree with any of the opinions above.  I see the same things they do coming down the pike at us.

The only consolation (?) is that I don’t have a pension to lose.  When I took my stand some years ago, I lost my pension in the process, so I’ve known since then I’ll have to work until I die.  That kinda simplifies matters.  On the other hand, if you do have a pension, 401(K), IRA or the like, you can expect the powers that be to make a determined effort to “nationalize” them all.  “People can’t afford to retire!  It’s time for the government to take over their inadequate savings, give everybody a pension, and impose equity on the system!”  The trillions of dollars in private retirement savings would also erase a very substantial slice of our national debt – an almost impossible-to-resist temptation for any politician.  Can’t you just hear that thought percolating already in the fetid ooze of Big Brother’s propagandists’ brains?  Expect it to become a full-bore barrage as things get worse.

Rahm Emanuel put it into words.

You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.

He was (and still is) one of Big Brother’s minions;  and Big Brother, having created the serious crisis we’re experiencing, is actively doing precisely what he said.



  1. Food prices will double by the mid-terms, USGOV knows this. There will need to be some crisis to blame it on, maybe another war. That's how things work.

  2. This is not mismanagement by our government but the achievement of their goals. The gov't will not have to nationalize pensions because the dollar will be worthless.

    This is intentional because the government is doing nothing to moderate or reverse. We could be energy independent, but are not (By the way we depend on Russian imports to support all green power initiatives, green will not save us). Of course it will all be blamed on the Russians, but our own government is at war with the American Citizens. Much has been made of radical right wingers but so far no Bunker Hill has taken place. The government is trying to provoke a confrontation in order to justify cracking down.

    The failure of the Uvalde Police is there to deepen the wedge of distrust people are developing for the police. Police are clannish and this must stop, it becomes us versus them and everyone is a perp.

    Flyover country does not matter, it is the cities, the population centers that matter. Standby for loss of electric. Home heated by oil or gas, what about the blower, the thermostat? 2022 All Cause Mortality is up 60% over 2019 for 25-45 (CDC Data: Weekly Provisional Counts of Deaths by State and Select Causes, 2020-2022). Rate of COVID cases is going up during summer with max sun and natural Vitamin D.

    Fall to Winter will see high inflation, starvation, loss of electric, loss of heating oil and propane, loss of internet, resurgence of COVID or VOD (Virus of the Day) and big inflow across the boarder. The goal is to have Americans fighting Americans and tear ourselves apart, especially in the cities. I suspect an embargo of or by China (goodbye electronics from Taiwan)

    TPTB are totally corrupt, but we need to start having moral discussions and reach out to the government minions. Only when the minions side with the citizens and not their bosses will TPTB become The Powers That Were. I suspect such an approach will only reduce bloodshed in very rural areas, but rural is the source of food, energy and a great deal of manufacturing.

    Not too late to plant a garden. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are fast growing sources of meat. Chickens give you eggs (forget meat chickens). In the Depression cats were known as roof rabbits. A bag of dried beans in the store is a huge bag of seeds compared to what you can buy in those little burpee packages.

  3. IMO even those who are on our side of the debate are far too optimistic about how difficult it will be. There is nothing that stops an avalanche when it starts.
    The powers that be believe that they need permanent destruction of the American way of things and they are not smart enough to control the result of their programs.

  4. And another "unexpected" fire in Minnesota has killed appx 2 million chickens at one of the nations' largest egg producers. Initial reports said arson, later ones said "cause not yet determined"

  5. Hard to work until you die if you can’t afford to get to work so you will have to work for your self as much as possible. I can see this political bunch offering those who can’t afford heat old barracks on semi abandoned military bases further controlling them! I have the option of wood heat here in Alaska but many in urban and suburban areas don’t. Up here we had record snow last winter and a friend who is a bush pilot who flew surveys for Fish and Game this spring saw a lot of winter kill moose so there will be less wild meat this fall! Good luck.

  6. "People on Fixed Incomes and the poor are already getting hammered…."

    So they have that in common with the Pelosis.

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