1. Have y'all seen the pictures of the duct tape 'boxes' cats have 'hidden' in? Maybe Ashbutt needs one of those 'boxes'.

  2. Probably reasserting his dominance after you being gone.

    You know the old proverb: Dogs have owners but cats have employees

  3. Not "employees", Anonymous at 4:28 PM. "Employees" suggests that the providers are paid for their services.

    "Staff" is the correct term.

  4. Mark M:

    According to one cat expert, the only lasting result of using a squirt gun on a cat, is to create a dislike of you by said cat. Still doesn't change the activity you dislike, they just won't do it around you. Maybe.

    Pissing off a cat is really stupid. They have all day to get creative in coming up with ways to show their displeasure.

  5. Its because that is how most cats roll. They first get in the way to get your attention, then lead you to the food and rub against your leg, meowing like they haven't been fed in days. At least that is how our pair behave.

  6. Not everything cats do has sinister motivations. This is one of his ways to re-bond with you. Cats are creatures of habit; upsetting their routine, like you going away for awhile, stresses them. Stuff brought into the house must be inspected and approved. He's happy the family is back hone together. He just doesn't wag his tail and slobber all over you like dogs do.

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