Back in the Panhandle

Old NFO, Miss D. and myself are spending a few days in Amarillo, visiting with Alma Boykin and enjoying her expertise as she guides us through area museums and historical attractions.  All of us are working on forthcoming books, so this visit promises to produce a rich harvest of information.

We arrived in time to collect Alma and take in lunch at the Stockyard CafĂ©, having been informed by Lawdog that they offer the best chicken-fried steaks in Amarillo.  We’ve decided he wasn’t wrong.  Three of us ordered their “small” chicken-fried steak, which turned out to be “only” 8-10 ounces, accompanied by a salad and potatoes to order, and swimming in white or brown gravy, according to taste.  They were delicious, but we can’t help wondering what the “large” chicken-fried steaks look like!  They’ll probably be Texas-sized, for sure.

The other three are heading out to the Alibates Flint Quarries this afternoon.  Since my physical restrictions won’t let me do a mile-long hike over uneven terrain, I’ll leave them to enjoy that, and work on other things back at our hotel.  We’ll then have the difficult decision of where to have supper tonight.  It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it . . .

Talk with you later.



  1. If you get up to Dalhart there's a nice small museum there that we visited back around '06 and can highly recommend. The amount of history that one never encounters except in these venues is enlightening.

  2. Mr. Grant, I recommend Saltgrass Steakhouse just off the Interstate. It was recommended to us during our last stop in Amarillo.

  3. A good ways away, Peter, but if you find yourself in the Hill Country, the absolute, no-question-about-it, best chicken-fried steak I ever ate in my life was at the Old Spanish Trail Cafe in Bandera. I have at times dreamed about taking my road-trip bike & riding there (16 hours or so from here) just to eat one again. It's that good.
    –Tennessee Budd

  4. You are a bit north of my old stomping ground. I was raised in Lubbock county. They have a ranching heritage museum down there that had quite a few houses from area ranches.

    The pioneer's museum in Mangum OK had some neat stuff, too. My Grandmother is listed there as an early pioneer. There is a half dugout at both museums. They were the first structures most settlers built.

    Enjoy your research, and good company.

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