Back in Tennessee – for a few days, anyway

We’re back in Tennessee once more, seventeen months after leaving it for our new home in Texas, and a year since our previous visit (for LibertyCon in 2016).  It feels familiar, but also a bit stifling, in that one can’t see the horizon from much of the interstate highway network.  Trees and brush block the view.  I’ve rapidly grown accustomed to Texas, so like parts of Africa, where one can see for miles in any direction much of the time.

We had a pleasant drive today, through the eastern half of Arkansas and the western part of Tennessee.  Rather than stop to buy food and snacks every so often, we packed a small cooler with ice, and brought food and drinks with us.  It’s been very pleasant, stopping to eat when we felt ready rather than have to pick a place based on the distance to the next potential stop.  Miss D.‘s sandwiches also taste rather better (to my admittedly biased tastebuds) than the store-bought variety.  The latter are usually expensive, and we’ve found that if we invest the same amount of money in our own ingredients, we can get much better, tastier, fresher food than the fast variety.

We stopped before reaching Nashville, because we were both tired, and figured that an early halt and a rest would be better than a possible accident caused by slowed reaction times.  We’ll head into the city tomorrow morning, to take care of a couple of items of business.

Tonight we went to a local Chinese buffet for supper.  It’s over a year since either of us had eaten Chinese food, so it was good to break the drought, so to speak.  I understand a Chinese buffet has opened in a town not too far from where we now live, so we’ll have to investigate it when we get home.

Time for a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow morning we’ll run our errands, then it’s hi-ho for Chattanooga and Libertycon!



  1. >> I've rapidly grown accustomed to Texas, so like parts of Africa …

    I had the same experience from the other direction. I spent part of my childhood in west Texas, so when I went to Kenya, the cab ride from the airport into Nairobi was through a landscape that seemed very familiar.

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