1. "…but why would anyone do this… "

    The same reason hillbillies in PA, WV, and– well, pretty much anywhere– put a Trans Am or a Firebird up on a monster truck chassis. Because they can.

  2. I've gotta agree with Larry.

    While the DMC-12 looks really cool, that's all it's good at doing. It just wasn't a very good car, and without the Back to the Future movies boosting their popularity they'd likely be just a footnote of automotive history. I doubt you'd find many people who'd actually recognize them without those films.

    They're not all that especially rare either… while they aren't an everyday sighting, that stainless steel body means they didn't rust out like most other early 80s vehicle. They're still out there, although one in good running condition (or buying one and putting it back to rights) will set you back about forty grand, and you'll still just have a car with an anemic French V-6.

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