Be careful out there, friends

I know many of my readers will be traveling this Thanksgiving weekend.  Some of you have already left home;  others will do so after work today.  Wherever you are, and wherever you’re going, please be careful, and travel safely.  I’d like to see all of you safely back home after this long weekend.

As for Miss D. and I, we’ll be joining our friends locally for a jointly prepared Thanksgiving supper tomorrow.  I’m making an English-style sherry trifle, according to my late mother’s recipe, which is bigger and more complex than some.  Fruit, sponge cake, mixed fruit Jello to hold the fruit and sponge cake together, ladyfingers, sherry or port to soak into them, lots of custard, and plenty of whipped cream, all topped with maraschino cherries.  That should keep us going for the weekend!

Have fun, y’all.



  1. That sounds like the origin of Southern-style banana pudding! And, yeah, done right it has like 600 calories per sniff!

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