Betraying America, redux – or, fiddling while America burns

The well-known (and almost certainly apocryphal) story of Emperor Nero playing the fiddle while his city of Rome burned around him is well-known.  It seems the same story could be told of Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party right now . . . but not apocryphally.  They appear willing to let this country go to the dogs, just so long as they can ram through their ideology – an ideology which has nothing whatsoever to do with the coronavirus pandemic and the damage it’s done to our nation and our economy.

Let Tucker Carlson explain just how ghastly is their new “HEROES Act” and its focus on ideological concerns, rather than relief for those who are suffering.  You really should take seven minutes to listen to his monologue from last night.  To call this bill “mind-blowing” is an understatement, IMHO, as he makes clear.

When the Democrat’s first “relief bill” appeared, I called it “Betraying America“, and asked:

Would somebody please point out to me what (if anything) those points have to do with providing relief to American citizens and corporations from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic?  I’m calling on Democratic voters and supporters in particular.  Come on – precisely how do those points bring relief to Americans who’ve lost their jobs and livelihoods, and to companies that are about to go to the wall under the impact of this crisis?

I can only say the same thing, in spades, for the legislative atrocity the Democrats are calling the “HEROES Act”.  It’s 1,815 pages long, containing 347,000 words.  Something that massive is obviously not a recent, hurried production.  Clearly, this has been prepared over a long period of time, probably with various departments and groups working on specific sections and clauses.  It’s bundled together every pie-in-the-sky socialist wet dream you can imagine, and seeks to thrust this burden onto the backs of those Americans still working, who’ll have to pay for it, one way or another, sooner or later.

This is so blatant, so in-your-face, that its sheer chutzpah leaves one breathless.  Nancy Pelosi has even gone so far as to dismissively observe, “I can’t be bothered about what others say.  What I’m proud of is what we are doing.”  I’m sure she is . . . but I suspect the rest of America, particularly its taxpayers, won’t be anything like as proud.  In particular, allocating about $900 billion to cities and states to bail out their spendthrift budget deficits and long-term indebtedness is sheer lunacy.  All that guarantees is that they’ll immediately take out more loans and go into debt once again, to continue to fund expenditure they can’t afford;  then they’ll come back to Congress and demand yet another bailout, citing this first one as a precedent.

If this bill passes, America will become a debt-ridden, fiscally crippled hellhole almost overnight.  It’s that bad.  I sincerely hope that every legislator who’s signed on to, or votes for, this monstrosity will be punished severely at the polls in November’s election.  They deserve nothing less than to lose the offices they’ve disgraced by ignoring reality and pandering to socialist pie-in-the-sky.



  1. Like the last one, these bills don't get written in the few days they're talked about. 1,815 pages? The work of lobbyists political hacks spread out over months if not longer and filed away in Nancy's filing cabinet drawers. They take an "In Case of Emergency" sign and change that last word to Opportunity.

    Like I said about the CARES act: nothing good ever came out Nancy's drawers.

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