Big badaboom!

This video clip is said to show a Russian truck carrying cylinders of oxygen – well, what used to be cylinders of oxygen . . .



  1. Ya know, if I'm driving that kind of cargo, I'm going to be driving far, far more carefully than that truck driver was.

  2. There's no way that was just oxygen. Oxygen is needed to burn, but it won't burn by itself. It's either hydrogen or (most likely) acetylene.

  3. I'm with Anon 322 PM except for one thing. Hydrogen has an invisible flame (faint, light blue). Bright yellow like that is more like carbon-carbon bonds. Acetylene is a good guess. Maybe propane.

    Only caveat is this is pure theory. Never seen O2 bottles going up, and hope I never do.

  4. That is actually exploding propane cylinders. As someone above said, oxygen accelerates a fuel, so the burning of the fuel would be white (think the Saturn V at lift off). Watch the cylinders, and the flame is yellow/black, which indicates incomplete combustion. Also, near the end, you have cylinders that are exhausting a white liquid stream going into a gas without a flame, once the cylinder is free of the main fire.

    For people who are firemen, the technical term for what you are watching is BLEVE (Boiling Liquid, Expanding Vapor, Explosion). If you search youtube for that term, you'll see other examples.


  5. I think the guy in the blue/white shirt, talking on the cell, was the driver. Early on you can see someone sprint across the road, in front of the little white car that never moves.

  6. Maybe they do propane in different types of tanks over there. To my eye, they look like the type of tank used for acetylene. Skinny for their height. When they were exploding, they were unwrapping, instead of shattering.

    Had to laugh at the car that was going to just drive past the truck. I've seen this sort of mentality on the highways. On their way home from work, and nothing(!) is going to get in their way.

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