BLM/Antifa riots in Atlanta and Portland: a first-hand account


Ed Calderon, who knows a great deal about security and its opposite, recently sat down for an almost-four-hour-long interview with Shawn Ryan.  Here’s a 22-minute excerpt from that interview, describing what he saw at first hand during the riots in Portland and Atlanta.  It sheds an interesting light on the demonstrators.

(LANGUAGE ALERT:  There are a few f-bombs and other profanities here and there.  These are two hard men discussing hard realities.  That’s the way they talk.)

That’s a rather different perspective than what we’ve been told by the mainstream media and political activists, isn’t it?

I couldn’t help but agree with one of Mr. Calderon’s last observations.

Hard times produce hard men. Hard men will produce good times and good times will produce soft men. And the snake will bite its tail. I think we are at that point in time where the snake is biting its tail.

Well said, sir.



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