Blogorado, Day 5, and homeward bound

All good things must come to an end, as the saying goes, and our annual Blogorado gatherings are no exception.  On Monday morning we gathered for the last time as a big group.  A few of our number had already left, as they’d had to return to work that day, but most of us would depart on the Columbus Day holiday, with only a few die-hards (or folks with plenty of vacation time available) remaining until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Breakfast was, as usual, delicious.  I’d taken the opportunity to have a different dish every day, experimenting with Southwestern recipes and (usually) enjoying the result.  I think most of us did likewise.  Certainly, the serving staff were happy to see us every morning;  we took care to leave decent tips by big-city standards, which were far more generous than the usual farm country gratuities.  I saw several very big smiles over our days together as waitresses counted their rewards.

This breakfast was a little sad, due to our impending separation for another year.  We really have formed bonds that are almost tribal or clannish in their closeness.  We thoroughly enjoy each others’ company, love our reunions, and hate to part again.  There was much hugging in farewell as people took their leave, filled their cars, and headed for home.

For Miss D. and I, it was a case of “East bound and down”.

Well . . . maybe not quite like the movie!  We had company in our vehicle;  our new farm kitten, who proved equal to the occasion.  Ashbutt didn’t like the moving scenery outside the windows, and promptly ensconced himself in the passenger side footwell, where he curled up around (and frequently on) my wife’s feet and composed himself to sleep the journey through.  We put him back in his carrier when we stopped to refuel the vehicle and ourselves, in case he made a break for the great outdoors;  but he didn’t, and resumed his place in the footwell as soon as we got under way again.  He’s a very laid-back sort of kitty.

That didn’t apply to our existing cat when we got home.  We went in alone, leaving the kitten in the car to begin with, and were greeted with ecstatic purring, head-rubbing and flopping around on the floor as she invited us to rub her belly.  However, as soon as we brought in another cat, that changed!  There was much spitting and yowling as our cat prowled frustratedly outside the door to the spare bedroom, where we’ve put the kitten for the first couple of days.  We’re going to let them get to know each other through the gap beneath the door for a couple of days before we introduce them more formally.  (The kitten doesn’t seem to care.  He just goes right on purring!)

Now to get back into a routine.  Normal blogging will resume as of this morning, God willing.



  1. Believe it or not, a great way to get cats to accept a new kitten is to rub them each with a dryer sheet. Cats go on smell, and they need to have every cat (and the area that they sleep in) have a communal smell. Put a dryer sheet in the older cat's sleeping areas too.

    We have 8 indoor cats, each time we introduce a new cat/kitten, we use dryer sheets…it works.

  2. We've put the new cat in a travel crate, with water food and litter, and put it out for the other cats can wander around it. We do that for a couple of days, so they can't really hurt each other but they can see smell and sometimes even touch each other, and we've had amazing success at integrating new cats into the current Pride.

    By the way, do we get pictures of the new kitten?


  3. I watch Smokey and the bandit every now and then just so I can watch my girl at her tomboy best, even if we're both over the hill now. I was totally bowled over by her when a young lad, and to this day I enjoy her earlier movies.

    A pretty girl and now a classy lady… always. You will not find nude porno photos of her anywhere. Photoshop fakes, yes, but really her? No.

    I guess I'm a fan.

  4. Once after the pride of four had been whittled by time and circumstance down to one old stray, we got two little kittens. We were worried the big old guy would hurt the little fuzzballs. It was the best thing we ever did for him- he had been lonely and sort of lethargic- as soon as those kittens came around, he was back to his old self. Of course, he did not have much say in the matter, as they jumped on him, slept on him, chased him, and generally did their best to turn him into a kitten too.

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