Bloomberg on agriculture – it’s all bull

Presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg is in hot water over some comments he made on agriculture back in 2016.

Perhaps the best response comes from cartoonist Gary Varvel, in an image that’s already gone viral.  (Clickit to biggit.)

I love it!  Kudos to Mr. Varvel for perfectly capturing the inane insanity of the cocooned world of technology, trying to talk to the real world outside its air-conditioned buildings.  What’s more, using the charging bull statue on Wall Street as his model was a stroke of inspired genius!  So much for money in politics . . .



  1. I find it stunning that what used to be the working class party is going to run a snob like Bloomberg. The party insiders really have to be desperate to even think of this.

  2. Thomas Malthus and his more recent acolyte Paul Ehrlich had dire predictions as to how our world population would outstrip our ability to produce food and the world would end in wars and starvation.
    Advances in the technology that supports modern farming proved their apocalyptical predictions false.
    Where starvation does exist in today's modern world it is due to issues of politics or transportation, not from a lack of food.
    All due to modern farming science.
    For a bit of insight into modern farming I recommend The Last Centurion by John Ringo. It's a near future adventure story, but touches repeatedly on farming, climate change, pandemics, and stupid liberal politics.
    And a very good read to boot.

  3. It's "learn to code" in reverse.

    I wish he would peddle that line in College Station, where teaching folks to be better farmers is a way of life, or in the Midwest, where the folks who grow our wheat and corn actually live and work.

    I think the only thing worse than a carpetbagger is a technocratic carpetbagger.

  4. Yeah, that worked so well in Cambodia. Send the intelligentsia (the ones you haven't summarily executed because they wear glasses) out into the country to grow rice (or wheat, or corn, or whatever). It's how you get Killing Fields.

  5. Eric:

    In the early 80's, I had a roommate that escaped from a commune that the Red Guard sent him to during the college school purges in the 70's. Most of his classmates were sent to the Russian border area, but he ended up near the southern border. His escape to freedom might have made a good movie.

    His employment in Silicon Valley? Computer chip designer.

    Communism/socialism = idiocy, and history shows examples on a continual basis.

  6. Yeah, I didn't think it was really a good idea. It just seems so tempting when people who have no actual job skills try to make the rules for people who are trying to do actual jobs.
    (And, yes, in a Communist society I'd be one of the first ones rounded up and sent off to the Gulag, for any of several reasons.)

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