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My most recent novel, ‘Rocky Mountain Retribution‘, is now available to Kindle Unlimited subscribers on, having been released to that channel by Castalia House, my publishers.  That means KU subscribers can read it without payment, as part of their monthly subscription.  Also, the dead tree edition is almost ready for publication, and should be out within a week or two, God willing.

On that subject, may I please appeal to you to post a review on if you’ve read the book?  Reviews are the lifeblood of authors like myself.  They help prospective readers decide whether or not to try a particular book.  If you’ve read it, and like it, please leave a review at the page for ‘Rocky Mountain Retribution’.

My current work in progress, a fantasy novel, is well over halfway finished, and I hope to have it out by the end of June.  Watch this space for details.  It was delayed by a recurrence of a kidney stone problem – writing while in a lot of pain, and affected by strong painkillers, is not something I can easily manage – but things are on the mend.  Here’s hoping they stay that way!

I’ll be starting to write the sixth book in the Maxwell Saga in July.  Look for it early in the fourth quarter.  After that, it’ll be the third and final volume in the Laredo Trilogy, which I hope to have at Castalia House by the end of December.

Thank you all for your support!



  1. Disagree with your politics sometimes, but love your books always. How about offering your blog readers/loyalists some kind of discount on the new stuff? Might spark some new interest in your base supporters…

  2. That's good news, will wait for the print edition to appear.

    May I ask an off-topic question? You have lots of useful advice on self-defense, some of it inapplicable by European readers due to our draconian gun control laws, but much of it practicable and appreciated.

    Sadly, more terror bombings will occur in our cities and I am wondering about first-aid advice for survivors on the scene? What sort of essential first-aid kit should I carry in my backpack always, how much hands-on training should one get?

    Thank you in advance.

  3. I see where Amazon has the book in soft-cover now. I brought "Brings The Lightning" in hard-cover. Will "Rocky Mountain Retribution" also become available in hard-cover?


  4. @Ed_Mc: Probably not. There wasn't enough demand for the hardcover edition, and it's sales that drive that sort of thing. Paperback, sure.

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