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Not about my books, but about some from my friends.

First off, fellow blogger, fellow author and buddy in meatspace and cyberspace, Old NFO, has just published the fourth book in his ‘Grey Man’ series.

From the blurb:

Texas Deputy Sheriff John Cronin and his granddaughter Jesse Miller have out-stubborned, out-fought, and out-lived every challenge life’s thrown at them so far… But there are times when a little help is needed.

Slowly recovering from being stabbed, John Cronin gets a tip from inside the very cartel that’s hunted him, that plans are afoot to smuggle terrorists and missiles across the border. Meanwhile, Jesse and her husband Gunny Sgt. Miller are losing the battle with an administration and a military bureaucracy determined to downsize the military by whatever means possible, and tie their hands regardless of the damage and danger to its own.

The agencies responsible don’t want to act if Cronin won’t give up his confidential informant, but when word comes that the missiles and terrorists are landing, it’s time to put a team together and handle things the old fashioned way…

Miss D. and I had the pleasure of alpha- and beta-reading the manuscript for Old NFO.  I think it’s the best Grey Man novel so far.  Highly recommended.  (Oh – and the first three Grey Man novels, Vignettes, Payback and Changes, are on sale at only $0.99 apiece for the Labor Day weekend!  Get ’em while they’re hot!)

Next, the third annual Labor Day indie book sale is on at Mad Genius Club.  Several of the authors who write there are putting some of their books on special sale this weekend.  You can get several good reads for the price of one.  Click over there to see what’s on offer.



  1. Speaking of books, I've recently read the entire available Maxwell saga, as well as Brings the Lightning, and am currently working my way through the second Laredo War book. Boy am I glad I finally did. Your approach at hard scifi is well-written and enjoyable. I intend to pick up the entire collection (perhaps bar the Laredo War), in the coming month. I was however wondering if there's any scope for hardback releases?

    On a feedback note: More Ames books, please please please! That book was awesome to read, with your insights and perspective being of particular interest. After reading the start of War to the Knife, I can imagine it was only a matter of time before a full-fledged western came about. It was actually this book I read first, much to my pain after finishing it in days and having nought else to read. I've already recommended Maxwell to a friend, who has ordered the whole saga.

    As for Old NFO's work, we'll just have to go take a looksie!


  2. Recently purchased and read, "Brings The Lightning". Enjoyed it, and left a review on Amazon.

    According to Amazon "Partners" should hit my mail box Thursday.

    I don't read Sci-fi, mainly because I don't understand the science. My loss, I'm sure.

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