Book updates

First the good news.

  1. I’ve edited and formatted new e-book editions of the first two Westerns in my Ames Archives series, “Brings The Lightning” and “Rocky Mountain Retribution”.  They’re awaiting publication by Amazon, following which I’ll immediately publish the third book in the series, “Gold On The Hoof”, which is ready to go.

  2. My fantasy novel, “Taghri’s Prize”, is edited and ready for formatting.  That’ll happen over the weekend, and I hope it’ll be available next week.

The holdup at the moment is on Amazon’s side – and I don’t blame them for it in the least;  it’s just the legal facts of life.  You see, my first two Western novels were initially released through Castalia House.  Their rights have now reverted to me, and I’m therefore publishing new e-book editions;  but as far as Amazon’s concerned, if they’ve already been published, their original publisher has to confirm that the rights have reverted, and that I’m legally able to produce new editions.  This is normal, and I don’t mind . . . except for the problem of talking to too many people, and getting crossed wires in the process, and waiting on others to do things.  I hope to have it all sorted out within the next week or two.

I’d planned to release the new Western first, in July, and then the fantasy novel during August.  It now looks like I’ll reverse that sequence, to allow for the delay.  I hope “Taghri’s Prize” will be available early next week, and that “Gold On The Hoof” will follow in mid- to late August.

I’ve started writing “Knife To The Hilt”, the third and final novel in my Laredo War trilogy.  If all goes well, look for that soon.  I’m also working on the sixth Maxwell Saga novel, “Venom Strike”, which I hope to complete before year-end.  To make life even more interesting, I’m going to start work soon on a collaborative novel with another author, to be published next year.  All I need is time to eat, shower and sleep!



  1. I recommend scheduling a bit of time for canoodling with that roommate of yours as well.
    Joking aside, congratulations on what seems to be a proliferation of new production after a long dry spell.
    And assuming the e-book formatting is being done with that new Apple Mac program I for one would be very interested in hearing the details either here or over at MGC.

  2. Eat, shower, and sleep? Well, if you're going to insist on luxury conditions, no wonder it's taking awhile …

    Srsly, you've your hands full, and we wish you Godspeed in navigating the course.

  3. Peter, your loyal readers demand that you cease frivolous hobbies like eating and sleeping. IV glucose at your keyboard will suffice. I suppose an occasional canoodle could be ok.

  4. Castalia seems to be moving to their own ip products, due to amazons economics making publishers not a lot of value added.

    It’s nice they let the rights revert this quickly. 99% of publishers don’t.

  5. @John Cunningham – You'll find his wife insists on eating, sleeping, and showering… as the lack of those may impact canoodling!

    Worse, I'm dragging him off to the gym, too, with such enticements as "I'm doing bench press today; would you please spot me?"

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