Boys and their four-wheel-drive toys

All-terrain vehicles have come a long way since the first of them appeared on the civilian market during the 1970’s.  Today military forces use them as a useful adjunct to their larger transports, and equip them with all sorts of hi-tech gear.  One of them, recently ordered in large quantities by the US Marine Corps, is the Polaris MRZR-D4, with a tiny diesel engine replacing the standard gasoline unit.

The civilian version of the MRZR is no slouch, either.  There have been three very spectacular videos made of it being hurled all over the place. The first and second are worth watching, if you have time.  Here’s the third and most recent.  Watch it in full-screen mode for best results.

The ‘bloopers’ and out-takes from that video are just as spectacular – and sometimes very funny, although probably not to the driver!

I have a mental picture of a squad of Marine recon troops, newly outfitted with their militarized versions of the MRZR, watching those videos and saying to each other, “Hey, I bet we could do even better!  Who’s got a GoPro and a YouTube account?  And who’s got the key to the explosives bunker?”



  1. I'm 69 now, I shudder at what I would have tried if Uncle would have turned me loose with something like that when I was a 20 year old PFC.

  2. A while back I'd idly wondered what became of Amtrak's F40PH locomotives. Now I know, at least for some of them.

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