Boys and their (highly explosive) toys

Ever wanted to blow up a toilet?  Well, that idea – as well as blowing up several other things – occurred to two British filmmakers who run the “Slow Mo Guys” channel on YouTube:  and thanks to a link at Daddy Warpig’s place, here it is in glorious Technicolor.  Watch the volume on your speakers – the speech is often quiet, but the bangs are a lot louder!

That’s the most thoroughly destroyed toilet I’ve ever seen.  Even the after-effects of a Texas chili contest wouldn’t be that devastating!


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  1. That small round shaped charge was most impressive – and a bit sobering – seeing what sort of toys we have built for ourselves.

    The next big conflict is going to be epic in its death and destruction.

    All those rich fat cats who are building those fancy safe rooms in New Zealand? Hope they're planning for these new toys that will defeat whatever barriers they can create.

    When their comeuppance comes, let's hope someone has a camera handy.

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