Boys and their pyrotechnic toys

Some people have waaaayy too much time on their hands – certainly enough to assemble ‘Seven “Cyber Cannon” fireworks strapped to a 3″ PVC tube with handles that fires 1001 shots in about 45 seconds’.

Looks like they had fun.  I must try to figure out something like that for our next Blogorado gathering.  How about “Flaming Skeet”?  We’ll whomp up something that fires flaming balls that can then serve as targets for shotguns.  (I have a perfect mental picture of Ambulance Driver settling down with a fresh case of 12ga. ammunition and calling loudly, with a big grin on his face, “Pull!”)



  1. While that sounds like a lot of fun, do shotgun pellets have the velocity to trip tannerite?

    That sounds like a lot of fun, actually.

  2. Things might get sporty if Airforce One was anywhere overhead. It might take evasive action if the computers believed a missile had been launched. Somebody might spill their coffee.

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