Boys and their ten thousand highly flammable toys

Courtesy of an embedded version at Never Yet Melted, here’s a Russian video clip of 10,000 sparklers being set off in what looks like a cooking pot. Watch it in full-screen mode for best results.

That was pretty spectacular . . . but I can’t help wondering whether the cooking pot was still usable afterwards!



  1. fifteen years ago, we called this a sparkler bomb. Never built one quite this big though; usually topped out at around a thousand. Just enough to fill an empty paint can. The video really doesn't do them justice. If you find yourself in a position to try it, it's a real hoot.

  2. this reminds me that for some reason an adolescent boy will spend countless tedious hours carefully cracking and scraping the sparkler material from the wires of hundreds upon hundreds of sparklers but that same boy won't pick up a sock, clean his room or cut the grass without incessant nagging culminating in the threat of great bodily harm.

    When I remember an exasperated mother's curse that "I hope your son acts just like you do" I shudder a bit when I think of becoming a father.

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