Boys and their toys – jet fighter and sled edition

The Aviationist brings us this video clip, probably from the 1970’s or 1980’s, showing a Norwegian Air Force Northrop F-5A fighter towing someone around a frozen hardstand on a sled.  Why, precisely, this was thought to be a good idea I can’t say . . . but from the perspective of my own military service, I can confirm that “the devil soon finds work for idle hands to do” – particularly if they’re military hands!

If that happened in America, I’d say the miscreant E-4 Mafia came up with the idea.  I wonder if there’s a Norwegian equivalent – with lutefisk, perhaps?



  1. I have learned several things over the last year. The first of which is that I have no idea how the fathers of daughters survive, much less maintain their sanity. Seriously. Multiple conversations in the office between those two have ended with me yelping, "I'm sitting right here, and there are things that I do not need to know about!"

    At my wife's first post-college job, half the team was women. Three-fourths of those had overlapping first pregnancies. They had no problems discussing every facet of the pregnancies, leading the (male) engineering co-op to announce "If I hear the word cervix one more time, I'm going to barf!"

    One of the women later claimed that "all the baseball talk in the office was exclusionary". Wifey pointed out that so was the OB updates, and there were more women coworkers who were baseball fans than male coworkers who were fascinated by pregnancies.

  2. Taxi practice in snowy conditions. Perfectly understandable in that locale. A drag chute simulator for low speed maneuvers seems eminently justifiable for cost and utility, although a slightly larger sled for better stability would be advisable.

  3. Looks like fun. I had a friend who was the caretaker of a closed airport, originally a WWII Naval Airfield, and we towed each other around on a piece of trench plate behind a pickup truck. Loud fun!

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