Brigid could use our help

Brigid, who blogs over at Home On The Range, wrote a beautiful tribute to her late Labrador retriever.  She called it ‘The Book Of Barkley‘, about which we’ve spoken here before.

Her book’s been entered in a competition at  It’s currently tied for first place in its category (Biography & Memoir).  Brigid could really use your help and your vote, if you’d please be so kind as to click over there and vote for ‘The Book Of Barkley’.  She’s donating any prize money to the disaster response dogs of the Search Dog Foundation, so your vote will help a very good cause as well.

(As a matter of fact, all of the royalties from the book are being used to support various animal rescue and welfare societies.  Brigid’s a class act, and her book’s a wonderful memorial to a lovely dog whom Miss D. and I remember with great affection – even if he did steal our socks on every possible occasion!  If you haven’t yet read it, it’s worth your time and money.)


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